5 years ago they were 25, now they hit the BIG 30-----and still single---jw girls.

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  • pistolpete

    Experience from reddit

    I’m in my mid 20’s but I’m noticing alot of sisters that are 35, 40 and just kind of lost. Single, still live at home or heavily dependent on parents because they have measly jobs. They substitute teach, drive school bus, etc. Waiting on a brother to come save them but for 95% of them it’s just not going to happen.

    I also feel like the worst group affected by this are the ones that are average to slightly above average attractiveness. The really attractive sisters get snatched by 22 and the lesser attractive ones don’t mind getting with the fat creepy brother who can’t dress. Yet those ones in the middle think too highly of themselves to get with the fat creepy dude (as they should good for them) but there’s not enough even halfway decent brothers to go around. Especially after 35.

    One day we tried to name a single brother over 35 that was totally normal and didn’t have major issues in the entire circuit. We couldn’t come up with one.

    What’s worse is that when one does become available because of a divorce or death, they usually get taken off the market so quickly. One young elders wife died (it was extremely sad btw she was amazing person) while she was pregnant and I swear attendance started to double. Beautiful sisters by the 10’s showing up to see his public talks. He was married again within the year to Peruvian (she is gorgeous).

    Anyway I feel bad for those single sisters getting older that really want companionship. If they don’t wake up, most will die alone as even less men stay in now than before.

    If any on here have woken up, congrats and it’s not too late to find love.


  • GrreatTeacher

    What about the traditional method?

    Date and marry a worldly guy, if he won't come into the truth, suck up a short disfellowshipment and then you're good.

    What, no one does this anymore?

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I saw the Reddit thread. All those good-looking JW single women should look outside the religion if they want to get married or are worrying about their ‘biological clock’!

    They shouldn’t be lowering themselves chasing the few Witness guys who aren’t worth it or are playing ‘games’.. Find a man more worthy outside and then come back with the new husband. After a while, all the busybodies will forget. Unfortunately, too many men are dysfunctional (in and out of the religion). But, at least a guy from outside isn’t mentally emasculated from a repressive religion!

    As for me, when I came into the JW religion as a twenty-something, I didn’t see any brothers that were attractive to me. All the good men were taken..Some young guy had shown an interest but he was a born-in, younger than me. He was cute-ish but he wasn’t for me.

    I wasn’t really keen on getting married anyway and didn’t want kids (otherwise I would have looked outside)..I saw desperate sisters settle for guys in the ‘Truth’ that either weren’t so ‘hot’ or damaged mentally..I couldn’t do that..As time went on I heard of pathetic older sisters chasing the few ‘available’ men in the circuit. To me, that’s degrading.

    It’s true that I was one of those ‘picky’ sisters and thought very highly of myself..I had more than one person say this to me..But, that was my business and not anybody else’s.

  • GrreatTeacher

    You and me both, LHG.

    Listen to this outrageous story:

    Girl marries guy, dragging him out of his mother's house.

    He bails after about 2 months, goes back home to Mommy's and holes up.

    Girl is devastated, divorces him, gets over it, eventually finds another JW guy and they plan to get married.

    The elders say, "Nah, ahh, ahh, not gonna happen. You're not scriptually free to get married."

    Girl cannot get a confession of adultery out of her ex. (My theory is that he was gay and realized he couldn't fake it.)

    Elders have the solution: Marry your new husband, let us know when, we'll disfellowship you but let you come back after only 6 months if you play by the rules, and then everyone lives happily ever after.

    So, that's what happened.

    And that's someone who wanted to stay in the truth! Both of them!

  • LongHairGal


    That’s a sick story!

    I agree with that ‘traditional method’ you mention. These Witness women have to look outside for a man!

    Otherwise the young ones will be pursued by older disgusting guys. (I was once a young girl and would have never wanted an old guy to touch me 🤮.). And the older sisters there (no matter how beautiful or accomplished) would be passed over by these unattractive guys who must have a magic mirror it seems!

    All these extra ladies (unclaimed treasures) would only be viewed as somebodies to ask favors from (or hit up for money). [They are degrading themselves just being there subjected to the attitudes and bullshit]..Some User/Loser types would try to befriend them to try to convince them into a co-dependent relationship.😮 No thanks! I’m not interested.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Unclaimed Treasures. Ha ha!

    Sounds like the name of a lonely singles club!

    Oh yeah, and I married that worldly guy -- 29th anniversary next week!


    I've been told that at my old congregation there aren't enough young men around. The 18 year old boys marry the 18 year old girls. That leaves the momma's boys and the nerds. Slim pickings!

    That leaves some women ( who are looking to get married ) attend Spanish Congregations. Less than one year of knowing each other, they get married.

    At my old congregation, the women chased the men. The women knew that the odds got worse if you weren't married by a certain age. There were so many pretty girls who married real nerds and dorks. Men always had it easier to find a marriage mate than a woman.

    If a woman wasn't married by 30, the odds were not good. I have three female cousins who are now in their 60's, who never married. I always remind them that sometimes it's better being single than being married to the wrong person. There were plenty of divorces in my congregation that I can write a book!

  • Foolednomore

    Yeah, that is funny! When I was in I was working but broke, fat and wore second hand suits because I had A low paying job. No attractive sister in her right mind would look at me. Now, I have a business, drive a Mercedes, wear top of the line clothes, live in a million dollar home. And still fat, I visit my old hall and the attractive sisters where forming a line to meet me. It is too bad I'm out. No longer into that JW nonsense.

  • waton

    this is a great topic. wish I could help the lonely hearts.

  • pistolpete

    LHG; Find a man more worthy outside and then come back with the new husband.

    OR----------------------------NEVER GO BACK!

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