Favourite Movie quotes...

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  • Oubliette

    A Few Good Men:

    "YOU want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

    The truth is you've been quoting A Few Good Men wrong for years.

    Jack Nicholson actually says "You want answers?" Then Tom Cruise says "I think I'm entitled to them!" Nicholson asks again "You want answers?" To which Cruise replies "I want the truth!"

    It is only then that Nicholson serves up the famous line: "You can't handle the truth!"

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    LOL, good one. There's so many good movie quotes. Could just go on, and on, and on.......
  • sowhatnow

    'Gee, I'm real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.'

    [character] lane meyer from Better of dead...

  • Rebecca 619
    Rebecca 619
    As good as it gets: Go sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here!
  • berrygerry
  • greenhornet
    The Terminator. "I'll be back"
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    That is one big pile of shit.
  • GrreatTeacher
    "This town needs an enema!" Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman
  • LisaRose
    Lme explain something to you. Um, I am not “Mr. Lebowski”. You’re Mr. Lebowski. I’m the Dude. So that’s what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

    The Big Lewbowski, obviously

  • talesin

    I'm a Mog. Half-man, half dog. I'm my own best friend! ~ John Candy in Spaceballs

    Money talks and bullshit walks ~ Richard Pryor in Brewster's Millions

    She rescues him right back. ~ Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

    My hypocrisy goes only so far - Val Kilmer aka Doc Holiday in Tombstone *and of course, who can forget? "i'm your huckleberry" - BUH bye, Ringo! :P

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