South Ossetia declares Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘extremists

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  • OrphanCrow

    An updated article from Oct 17 Caucasian Knot:

    Entered into Force on the decision to ban Jehovah's Witnesses in South Ossetia

    The activity of the republican organization of Jehovah's Witnesses *, recognized by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia as extremist, will be monitored by law enforcement agencies, the head of the South Ossetian Justice Ministry said today.

    As reported by the " Caucasian Knot ", on October 11 the head of the Ministry of Justice of South Ossetia stated that the Supreme Court recognized the republican organization of Jehovah's Witnesses as * extremist and banned its activities .

    "The decision of the court today came into force, the activities of this organization will be monitored by the competent authorities and suppressed by law," Zalina Laliyev, the Minister of Justice of South Ossetia, quotes Interfax-Religion.

    She also noted that the court decision was not appealed, "Sputnik-Ossetia" reports.

    The minister did not specify how many people are in the organization banned by the court, noting that "there are a lot of them." "They are uniquely more than a thousand and their ranks are replenished day by day," Lalieva explained.

    She stressed that in the republic there is only one religious organization registered in the Ministry of Justice - the Alan Diocese.

    Comments from the South Ossetian Jehovah's Witnesses * regarding the decision of the Supreme Court of the Republic to ban the organization and its recognition as extremist has not yet been received.

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  • OrphanCrow

    So this is what happens when the Org doesn't own property in your country. They don't bother to go to court for you, They don't even show up. No letter writing campaign for the South Ossetians. Maybe the Org doesn't consider South Ossetia a "land" worth saving.

    Was there no appeal?
    - No. I think they are influenced by the fact that the same actions were taken in Russia, where their activities are also prohibited. If the ban began with South Ossetia, there would be indignation, they would receive some kind of help from their brethren in the north of Ossetia, in Russia. But now they have no place to wait for support. Therefore, I think that the lack of appeal is natural. You can not keep in the Republic such an organization that is subordinate to the United States. Their center is located there and all that they propagate, works not in the interests of our state. Such people can not be patriots of their country.

    - During the trial, did their representatives have any arguments in their defense?
    - They did not come to the meetings, refused to participate in the court sessions, although they were invited. The case was heard in the Supreme Court.

    No letter writing. No fluff pieces submitted to news outlets. No special lawyers sent out from Glen How and Associates. Nothing.

  • darkspilver

    Interesting. Thanks.

    Apparently South Ossetia is only recognized by four UN countries - Nauru, Nicaragua, Russia and Venezuela.

    It would seem that if any organization/country dealt directly with, or had direct dialogue with, South Ossetia, they would be lending a certain amount of legitimacy to this breakaway state.

    The JW 2017 Yearbook does not list 'South Ossetia' as a country/land in the Annual Report.

    Georgia, from whom South Ossetia is claiming independance, was the featured country in the JW 2017 Yearbook. Though the report doesn't appear to include anything on SO?

    The map of Georgia that the Yearbook uses clearly shows South Ossetia as being part of Georgia.

  • OrphanCrow
    darkspliver: It would seem that if any organization/country dealt directly with, or had direct dialogue with, South Ossetia, they would be lending a certain amount of legitimacy to this breakaway state.

    Yes, you are right. South Ossetia sits in political limbo land. Not quite independent but sort of. A post-Soviet "frozen conflict zone".

    The JWs never did have official status in South Ossetia and they never would have been able to own tax free property there.

    And, of course, the Org wouldn't want to get involved in anything political, now, would they?

  • Phizzy

    What if in its present state of Limbo, Catalonia decided to pronounce JW's as illegal etc ?

    I'm sure the W T would send lawyers there, because they own Property there.

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