"Jehovah's Witnesses' withheld info will cost them..."

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  • flipper

    WT Society is getting everything they deserve that's coming to them in a negative way. They can only hide behind their ' religious ' mask for so long- bad karma will end up biting them big time and they will have to pay for their crimes. WT leaders and WT heavy's are NOT above the laws of the land

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Time after time we've seen these cases come before the courts and how systematically and fairly the judicial process is carried out. In the Australian hearings, we saw the Elders and Governing body members dodge questions and provide evasive answers laced with half truths and even lies. It's quite remarkable to see how fair, patient and lenient these "worldly" institutions are being toward the Watchtower Society. Even though, according to the JW's, they are backed by Satan who's main purpose is to bring "gods people" to ruin.

    The courts have given the Witnesses chance after chance to plead their case and to submit the documents they need in order to come to a verdict that is based on a thorough knowledge of all sides of the issue. Two years later the JW's are disregarding the law and are abusing the system by stringing this case along in the courts.

    Can you imagine an individual JW who has been brought before the Elders, being given the same leniency? If and individual JW refused to provide the information that was demanded of them, they'd be branded as unrepentant and a verdict against them would be quickly reached whether they were guilty of anything or not.

    It's very frustrating that my JW relatives in Bethel, Missionary Service and elsewhere have no knowledge of what is taking place. I suppose they'd probably find a way to excuse all of it, if they did.

  • darkspilver

    There's also been coverage on the local newspaper's website - San Diego Union Tribune - and on the local TV channel - NBC 7 San Diego:



  • 2+2=5
    $4000.00 a day is nothing for the Billion dollar rich WTS

    You can say that. I could find 4000 hard working JWs here in Australia that would say otherwise.... and this is the GB’s problem.

    They cannot let the people get word of this vast waste of money. I would say JWs have even been mentally conditioned to believe this donation money couldn’t ever be wasted. They haven’t been tightening control on the people over the years for nothing.

  • LongHairGal


    You are right that the religion would NOT want the rank & file Witnesses to know where the money drain is: that the religion would apparently rather be fined by the courts than turn over the information requested. I'm assuming this information would open up the floodgates!

    What a reprehensible religion!

  • Fisherman
    Latest perspective of the San Diego Reader on WTs loosing its $4000 per day sanctions Jehovah's Witnesses' withheld info will cost them

    I think that wt still argues the Court's authority. I also think that there is no challenging the powers of the Court and that the Court does not always act having authority. If it turns out that the Court does not have authority to compel wt to disclose documents for example in this case then wt is not required to comply with the order or to pay the sanctions. But at this time, as much as the Court and the other party want to force wt to disclose the documents, the Court's authority is in dispute -seems to me. All of this commentary and other attempts to pressure wt to comply do not legalize the Court Order or Sanctions or whatever it is that is in dispute. When it is all over, we shall see who wins this case -but it ain't over yet.

  • careful

    Can you imagine being a Witness in San Diego and having to deal with this from householders as you go from door-to-door? That might well cause some people to wake up. What will the GB do if this becomes a public relations issue in San Diego?

  • Fisherman
    in San Diego and having to deal with this from householders as you go from door-to-door?

    Do you think that California will even have time for this case? Have you read the news lately about the flood of Hollywood actors and politicians in the limelight being accused of sexual charges?

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