Peer presure to use Ipad

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I know an 88 year old who can't even use her iphone who felt she had to have a tablet for "service". Has no clue how to use it nor any idea how to connect to the net. She has it in hand at the meeting even if its not on. So sad.
  • Gorbatchov

    Yes, it's very sad. The elderly, most of them living with small budget, feel the pressure to buy a costly heavy device.

    It reminds me when I was a young boy and did field service in the early 80's with my father. The door opened, and there was a householder so angry, angry to us, the steam came out of his ears. My father asked him, why are you so angry? The householder told us that when his elderly mother died recently, he found a room full of Society's publications and magazines. He said "Your believe pushed my mother to buy those publications in the kingdom hall and they pushed here to raise the quotum. It cost here thousands and thousands of money and she had to store it in house".

    In no time we will have now relatives who are that angry because the Society pressed their 98 year old grandfather to buy a Ipad Pro 128 GB for the use 3 apps.

    It's typical sect behavior. "Mother" tells buy this and that and the flock will follow, because of pressure.

    They have no alternative, because you have to fill in the field service report about how many times you used your tablet in the ministry. Publications are released in pdf / EPUB only so what can you do?

    I'm out since 2008 and don't recognize this religion anymore.

    Last week, near the Supermarket, I walked into 2 elderly witnesses. They said "Hello" and I thought, let's doing the Christmas idea so I crossed the street for them. I asked "How are you" and they answered quietly "We are getting older, but we are ok. We have much contact with our children, because we have facetime now". I told them, stay ok and take care! They liked the little chat, even they now i'm a fader. (they did not the we miss you so much-thing).


  • TheListener
    My wife put off having an ipad for the longest time. She didn't want to change from hardcopies to electronic. She felt forced to do the ipad since she couldn't sing some of the songs,couldn't watch the videos when out with the dubs and felt like a general loser asking for a hardcopy of various publications. She has no idea how to work the device. Same goes for several of my relatives - they didn't want to spend the money, the don't have the money but felt they had to buy a tablet. And now I get to hear how blessed they are that they have tablets and can download Caleb videos. PUKE
  • Heaven
    Does Botchtower have some sort of partnership with Apple?
  • WTWizard

    And why Apple? First, just try saving up for one. You get hounded for progress on that, only to be hounded to put it all into the Worldwide Damnation Fund when you get close to enough. Then you get hounded to cut back on secular work for field circus. How are you supposed to afford something like that doing this?

    Given Saturn in Sagittarius (last time it was here, I became a jokehovian in the first place), I did some research on tablet devices. Dell and Samsung both have tablets using the Android system that cost much less than Crapple. These devices are at least the same quality, and are just as easy to set up. True, I have yet to get one--I intend to wait until I really need one, using whatever time I have before being yanked forcibly back into the jokehovian religion to research what will best suit my needs. And, Crapple is not it.

  • truthlover

    I did not have to buy an Ipad -- there are a lot of good units out there, I originally had an Asus -- but now I went to Walmart and got a Hipstreet for $115.00 and it works great - 2 year warranty-- can download anything and its 32 gb - you can get a 64 gb but with a 32 that is all you need. Look around -- no need to go high priced, after all they are electronics and can quit anytime...

    The Hipstreet is smooth, faster than the Asus -- has 5.0 and is a quad 4

  • Finkelstein

    So what are the consequences of not having a Tablet when you go to the meetings now ? .

  • SafeAtHome

    This is so sad and crazy. When my parents were still alive, they could barely manage their VCR. Someone had to repeatedly show them how to get back to the TV mode when a video was done playing! And my dad (a long time elder) was very mechanically savvy all his life, he could fix anything, so he was not stupid, but modern technology would be beyond him.

    Can't say for certain what other churches are doing, but in my job I am often out on Sunday mornings. I pass many churches and see people going in, and you know what? I see lots of Bibles in hand but nothing that looks like a tablet!

  • BluesBrother

    Consequences of not following the electronic stampede? Well, "If you ain't there you must be square" as the old song went.

    Come to think of it , being "In with the 'in crowd' is what it is all about. In the hall that I have to go to (under sufferance) it is kind of embarrassing to sing from a paper songbook when nearly all the others ,little kids too, have their tablet computers to hold up - nice and high so they can be seen ...

    I gather they will soon be able to report showings of the videos in the field ministry, so need it for that. ... and then there is the pressure not to collect paper books..It costs The Society so much money...

    All in all , you are just not keeping up with the heavenly chariot if you do not have a super dooper tablet .... and a smart tv or a Roku stick ...

    What ever happened to being not materialistic?

  • Finkelstein

    What ever happened to being not materialistic?

    Good point BluesBrother

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