Peer presure to use Ipad

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  • Gorbatchov

    Earlier this season I advised my retired father to ignore the use of a tablet during his Kingdom hall congregational visits. His response was hopefull, but between the lines I could hear he had no choice.

    Yesterday he showed me his new 600 euro 64 gb Ipad Air 2. He had no clue what he has to do with it, He told me one of the elders will install the apps.

    So, I feel he had to deal with presure to buy this Ipad and I think he is not the only one.

    Do you recognize this?


  • HappyHappyHappy1914

    There is definitely strong pressure. At the sample meeting video, nearly everyone has an Ipad. And like good little sheep, many will look at that and start desiring them. In my hall,though, most of the older ones have dug in deep and refuse to get any kind of tablet. Part of me feels really sad for them. I think they get the sense that the "chariot" is passing them by as it pursues younger and more useful victims.

  • Simon

    Wow, I remember getting so much shit for having the elders manual on my iPaq ... yes, that's iPaq, not iPad. You kids and your new fangled technology. This was cutting edge back in the day ...

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I think the general pressure is there, and has been there for a while. For example. When it's time to sing one of the new songs. Well, it's not in the song book, so if you don't have an "electronic device" to download it to then you have to rely on someone else to get it to you hopefully, and that cause undue anxiety. There simply is no provision in place to supply the songs. The slave didn't mail out a leaflet with all the new songs in it for everyone to have, which they would have done years ago, and bam, everyone has a copy. But no, now either you have tablet and have your new song, or you feel left out.

    Another example is the videos. Many times during the service meeting we are asked to watch the videos ahead of time. If you don't have the internet or a tablet you are out again.

    And now especially it's true out in service where you can "count" placements of videos shown at the door, oh my. You can't do that with out the marvelous tablet. Again, the old timers feeling left out.

    All this undue anxiety put upon older ones in the congregation to buy a tablet, which they don't want, and maybe can't afford, and for sure don't know how to use. But the GB doesn't care, all this technology saves them money. And as all of us already know, money has been running the show for a little while.

  • ToesUp
    Yes, the pressure is real. A friend of ours iPad less than 2 years old, stopped working. Took it in for repairs and was told it could not be repaired. So, they had to spend $500 on a new iPad. The meeting night arrived, however they did not have all their books and the wt app installed yet. So, they stayed home instead of going to the meeting. They did not want to go unprepared.
  • Finkelstein

    These days it cost a lot of money and tech savvy to learn and communicate with Jah.

    For some reason these days he wants to connect to his people only through computer data.

    Rumor has it that he now connects to the GB members via Wifi from heaven.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    See, those old timers would have knocked them right in the head for that...staying home...all they had to do was grab a Bible and song book and book-it to the meeting, but who am I.
  • JeffT
    It's my understanding that all the music is on CD now, and that all the KH's have TV's on on the wall. Why not send every congregation a DVD with the music and the lyrics and tell them to play it on the TV?
  • stuckinarut2

    I can remember about 10 years back, I got told off for wanting to take a small laptop to the assembly to take notes!

    I was told that these electronic devices were not to be used, and they would be a distraction for others and myself....

    Hmmm.... How things have changed!

  • greenhornet

    jefft is this they way the Watchtower will have the music on the big screen?

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