My sister who is still in is going to Costa Rica as a missionary

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  • Lostwun
    It's called "serving where the need is more fun"

    Pete said it best. As a former need greater myself this pretty much sums up what its really all about when serving in a foreign Caribbean land.

  • respectful_observer
    but it is not unheard of for JWs to just pack up and head to places like Costa Rica or Belize.

    I personally know several families that have done just that. It's interesting that when you go to visit and start hearing the background stories for all the other "need greaters" there, it becomes abundantly clear that a large portion of them have run away from really effed up situations in the States (e.g., fleeing from some child abuse scandal in the family, elders legally separated from their wives for 15 years, foreclosed home, etc.).

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