New anti-spam measures

by Simon 11 Replies latest forum announcements

  • nicolaou

    So much for free speech! Those nora777 guys had as much right as anyone else to express their views but oh no!! Bully boy Simon can't handle a little dissension so disfellowshipped the lot of them.

    Sheesh, just like being back in the Kingdom Hall . . .

  • Simon

    he he he - JC meeting for the dissenter nicolaou! LOL

    I think as long as you keep on top of spam it helps to prevent it. Once they start getting their crap live for any length of time you've let them win and make yourself more of a target. If you keep removing it with a vengeance and making it difficult to post it then it keeps it under control.

    It's all about raising the bar to make it not worth their while and move on to some other, easier target.

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