Assemblies - Before and After Waking Up

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Since knowing TTATT All meetings, assemblies included, are viewed as nothing more than a bit of time to spend with family and friends before and after the event. What is said in between sounds like blah, blah, blah.


  • sparrowdown
    Never went to another assembly after waking up. They were traumatic enough while I was still in JW lala land, no way could I face them completely awake. My ears would bleed and my head would explode. Sorry about the visual, but seriously if I went to an assembly now it would get ugly.
  • 2+2=5
    I'm with sparrow. I didn't attend meetings after waking up let alone make an appearance at a giant bore fest that would evidently become known as... "The best assembly ever!'
  • redvip2000

    Those of you who still go because of family, are lucky now that you have mobile devices. You can read a nice book and just wait to be over. I left just as iphones and iPads were becoming popular, so all i had was daydreaming.

    I remember going to the Newburgh, NY assembly hall countless times. That place was stuck in the middle of a mountain with nothing around but a orthodox jewish community. Like most here, the highlight of the day was lunch where you could walk around outside and talk to friends, and look at the (few) decent looking girls around. Then it was back to the "salt mines" for another injection of mind numbing self serving drivel.

    One thing that i still remember is this Eldub from a congregation in CT, who somehow was always picked for the final talk. Aside from the incredibly annoying nasal voice, he always finished his talk with an over the top emphatic loud finish in a very serious and determined tone, which prompted immediate applause from all the drones in the audience, while he walked out of the stage basking in his perceived glory. What a tool!

  • contramundum
    The memories I have as a child in the '70s at Twickenham Rugby Stadium: - sitting on concrete steps (no seats) under plastic sheeting in the pouring rain wiping condensation away so I could see the drama - counting the number of aeroplanes passing overhead approaching Heathrow Airport. It was especially exciting when Concorde flew past - so loud the speaker had to stop talking - saving up food tickets to binge on chocolate at the end of the convention
    I'm afraid I don't seem to remember any 'spiritual gems' - maybe my subconscious has deliberately erased the more unpleasant memories
  • User99

    I also went to the Vet, often sitting near or in the very top row. When it hits about 100 degrees, it's definitely time to loosen the necktie. One of our friends found his son with hi's head stuck between the railings on the ramp. A story for another thread!

    I also got baptized in Grantville a little more than 30 years ago. Moved out of PA, but thanks for the memories.

  • Funchback

    The Vet was a giant soup bowl and the field was artificial turf. This means if the temperature was, say, 90 degrees, then the temperature on the field was probably 110 or higher (source: The attendants had to sit on a chair on the field using an umbrella for shade. Oh, and they weren't permitted to remove their suit jackets. It was both sad and pathetic.

  • cofty

    I walked out of the last DC I went to. I could not stand another minute of the bullshit.

    The one of those idiots came up to me in the corridor and asked me if I knew the sessions had started. My response was not polite

  • Phaedra

    Early on I got plucked in the head for sleeping. So that was out.

    I was an avid reader and creative and loved to doodle and draw. Better when the MBoBS book came out and I just sat in the chair and read the stories.

    How any pre-teen could even comprehend what the speaker was going on about was beyond me. Keywords stuck, but I just ate candy and waited for the songs and intermission at our assemblies when I could eat food on trays and volunteer and feel useful for a change. Better when I became a teen and started romances.

    Ashland Avenue in Chicago and Cicero Hawthorne Racetrack alumni.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    What I've been doing over the years, is ditching the assembly after the sessions started and going back to the Hotel. Then coming back for the song at the end.

    Meetings, just quit going. Bit by bit. An extremely slow fade. ''Ah you won't see Beth Sarim there, no surprise'', ''where was Beth Sarim. Ahhh, Beth Sarim's never here anymore''. What love hey???

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