Too Much Discontent in the Congregation Part 3

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  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    Here is part 3

    My congregation is one that is filled with mainly older people. Many have been in the truth 50-70 years. People who were little kids in the congregation in 1945 and received a copy of “The Kingdom is at Hand” and also remember the “Let God Be True” books when they were current. Here is how they are treated and what some are doing/saying now.

    At the Watchtower Study yesterday, in one of the paragraphs in the middle of the study, the whole study was related to faith, one elderly Sister made the following comment: “My Mother and Father (both of the anointed, by the way) were in great expectation of the end coming at any moment back when they were alive. They could smell the fire/smoke and the end of everything. That’s how I was raised. We were told that the end is upon us. Now, 80-85 years later, we are still here. We know that none of that happened. We don’t know when it will happen, and are still waiting.” Her meaning I think was that we all have faith and are still waiting. The Watchtower conductor (the Bethelite) just put his head down, shook it slightly and didn’t say a word other than “Thank You”. I thought to myself, it’s the truth. Who can really say anything? Apparently it is bothering some of these people so much they can’t hold it in any longer. Many in the congregation think the same.

    I over hear a lot in the KH just walking around after the meeting and listening. A Brother I know is in the truth his entire life. He has white hair and is no longer a spring chicken. He was an elder for many years. He just decided to stop being an elder due to several things, the main one being his health. The elders won’t talk to him anymore. Only one or two of them say hello periodically. He gave a great five minute talk up-front in the school recently. After the meeting, the school overseer was doing the counsel and asked the Brother if he did the “exercise”. This Brother was giving talks before there were any exercises, or the school overseer was in the truth. The school overseer told him “you will have to work on the point again if you didn’t do the exercise”. The Brother said that he did the exercise and they moved on. If I was to do the counsel with a Brother who had this much experience, I would have just thanked him for doing the talk, and marked him “good” on the point. A little respect please for someone that has been around the truth that long (about 65 years). Please don’t talk to him like a child. Talk about being put to the curb.

    Here is a good one. The Coordinator (speaks English very, very poorly) got up on the platform a short while ago at the beginning of the service meeting and read a letter. We were all looking at one another not knowing really what he said. I did pick up something about extra money for the Society. At the end of what he read he spoke for a few seconds. A few people raised their hands. This was insufficient. So he repeated what he had previously said. Apparently, this was put to a vote for the second time. Many more people put up their hands. A pioneer Sister that is a friend, sent me a message on my phone, “What did we just vote for?” I didn’t know. I asked my wife. She wasn’t sure, and thought some kind of expenses. After the meeting, I asked around and was told that it was to add some additional money to the monthly amount being sent to the Society. The people that I talked to couldn’t tell me exactly what it was for. Obviously, they passed the course on jibberish and could understand some of it. I didn't. This is a good way to get money though. Nobody knew what they were doing.

    A sister that I know very well, since she was a young girl, is now married and has been faithful in the truth for over 50 years. She told me that she wouldn’t talk to the elders about anything and wanted to speak with me. I am the only person (male) that she can trust. I told her okay. She went into a rant and indicated that she is furious that she “signed-on” when she was young and was told that if she wasn’t baptized she would die when Armageddon comes. Almost everything that that she was taught and heard at the meetings about the “end” didn’t happen. No one knows when the “end” will come. Jesus said he didn’t know when it would be. How would the Watchtower? It was guaranteed to her that the “end” is coming now (this is 50 years ago). Now in 2015, she and everyone else is supposed to be “in expectation of it”. She told me that she has had enough. She can’t listen to anymore speculation on the “time of the end”. She has been told for half a century that it is coming at any minute. Don’t get educated, or do anything to improve your life because it will all be over soon, etc. I am giving you the short version of this. It was rough. I calmed her down. She really feels betrayed but is okay now. I am sure that there are many more that feel the same as she does. She is a good person.

    I have more to relate and will do so in following posts.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Good OP, Simon. Some interesting accounts.

    From when I first started studying to when I left, I wasted 15 years of my life in the cult. This is bad enough, but I can't imagine what it would be like wasting 50 years in the cult.

    To constantly hear about the nearness of 'the end' and be bullied into life choices that reflect belief in this harmful message.

    Some people must be very, very upset.

  • Khaleesi
    Is heart breaking to hear how these people wasted a lifetime in this organization & now doubting when they could've used that time in better things that brought more happiness in their lives instead of the burdens that your never doing enough... so they read a letter asking for more money yesturday? I didn't go to mtg this past week....
  • ToesUp
    It is sad. It sucks feeling like you have been duped.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Cults have a way of making people feel unique. The JW's do the same. Watching those broadcasts, you wonder if many more JW's are doubting with how strange those act, always asking for money and such.
  • fulltimestudent
    LoveUniHateExams: From when I first started studying to when I left, I wasted 15 years of my life in the cult. This is bad enough, but I can't imagine what it would be like wasting 50 years in the cult.

    haha - Well, I can tell you. I wasted 42 years, and perhaps would've wasted more, except they disfellowshipped me and that gave me a chance to wake up.

    I try not to be angry, what's the point? I did it to myself. I didn't really question anything, accepting that their viewpoint was correct. Can't say it was all bad, and maybe I could not have done the things I now see as desirable. The early 1950's were a lot different to now.
    Daily routines in or out the truth are much the same, and yeah! I had some interesting and good friendships - all destroyed of course, by the leadership's megalomania.

    The biggest loss, of course, has been financial. Wasted years on useless preaching, putting the YHWH/Jesus combo god first in my life. The problem of divorce and family splitting (emotional blackmail on the part of the megalomaniacal leadership) and the fact that I felt obligated to care for my family by giving them all of what I had accumulated to that point, thus finding myself out on the street with nothing. But by hard work and careful saving, I wont have a deprived old age. Contacts tell me that my foolish ex-wife is having a difficult time. Deluded, she still is 'in' and confident that the end was coming, wasted her money (including my share of what we had) and is now doing it tough..

    But how much more sensible now. You can just fade. More and more are doing just that. And, its the best way. They cant stop you, they cant control you. Just refuse to discuss it

    And, I now have a reasonably good life since I don't need much, except my study room with too many books that seem to breed in quiet corners, and that teach me that I was once deluded into thinking that the world was coming to an end - grin!
    And, I can have an overseas trip once a year to China, where I can watch a billion people who were poor 50 years ago, but have now (by hard work and good leadership) transformed their nation into a much better place, in fact its true to say, that in many cities its approaching a condition that you could call paradise - all without either YHWH or Jesus.

    I've often sat on the edge of Xihu (the west lake) with friends. We buy some really beautifully made french style pastries or cakes at a little pattisserie near by and watch the sunset somewhat like this one:

    My paradise - what more could I ask for?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, your paradise, you couldn't ask for anything more!!
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Simon your report seems to show that the bros and sisters are aware of the big confidence trick the Watchtower has played on them. People are responding by not contributing money to the organisation and quite rightly so; they were duped. They know from long experience that the talk of big A coming any moment is losing its charm.

    The Watchtower is a doomsday cult and social club...the club might continue among friends but the doomsday bit has definitely gone off the boil.

  • kaik
    I feel the same is happening with my mom. She is 79, and she been waiting 40+ years. People who brought her into the "Truth" were much older relatives who are already dead. My aunt used to joke about my JW aunt that she was promising her the new paradise since 1950's. My mom feel disappointed and betrayed as well. These people never expected to grow old and die, to see two biological generation to be born and age, and no sight of the big "A" on sight. I remember when I went to my first year to school as 6-7 year old when my JW aunt told me that I do not have to worry about it, because in New World, there won't be a need for school duties, and we all be taught by Jesus during the millennial reign. That was in the 70's. It is horrible that millions of people living had died, never set a foot into Earthly paradise or had their life ruined for apocalyptic cult.
  • prologos

    not all the elderly are depressed, nor even feel like victims, some are empowered, what can wt do to them? they hold all the cards $$$$$

    One cheerful and lucid 100+ old sister loudly greeted all visitors from the hall with; "have they announced a new date for Armageddon yet? the stalwarts in the ward had to grin and bear it.

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