Amarillo TX RBC Liquidation- Branch Resource Recovery Team

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  • Tech49

    This one just popped up for the Pacific NW.

    (forwarded to me by a friend)

    Dear RBC/LDC Volunteers!

    Douglas Fair Complex

    Final Northwest RBC Liquidation

    The US Branch Resource Recovery team has arranged for a final Northwest RBC liquidation. This event at the Douglas County Fairgrounds - Douglas Hall, will be a 2-day Public Sale followed by a 1-day Public Auction. LDC volunteers from 25 states have been invited to work at this event.

    Douglas Interior Pic

    Private Pre-Sale

    RBC/LDC workers are invited to a private pre-sale for JW families only, to have first pick on Thursday October 19 starting at 9am. Please forward this invitation to your former RBC crew by clicking the "Forward" button below. You may also invite non-RBC volunteers as your guests. This 24,000 SF building will be filled with RBC tools and trailers (no tables). Pictures are being added daily HERE or click on the flyer above. Requests for a flyer without this invitation may be sent to

    Sunday Auction

    Items not sold during the 2-day Public Sale will be included in a no-reserve auction on Sunday October 22. There will be no buyer's premium added. Unsold trailers and other large assets will be auctioned with a low-reserve.

    Hurricane Disaster Relief

    JW.ORG Breaking News is found here. LDC Disaster Relief and Construction Group oversight will come to this sale location on Wednesday October 18 to obtain needed equipment and supplies.

    To reduce the email volume on the branch network, this invitation is coming to you from a Gmail account linked to JW Congregation Support, Inc., the branch corporation for RBC equipment. Replies and questions may be sent to

    Hope to see you in Roseburg OR!

  • Diogenesister

    Branch recovery resource team?

    Surely Branch resource recovery team.

    If they are trying to recover the Branch they are in more trouble than we thought!

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