Do flat earth beliefs deserve respect?

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  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I don't think the flat earthers are any worse than those who believe that the earth was created in seven days, or in 42000 years, as some I have known (my mother for instance). It's stupid, but meh.

  • just fine
    just fine

    From my time as a JW I have had enough of telling other people what to think and of being told what to think. Just because someone believes something doesn't mean I have to inform them of my opinion and then convince them to think like me. I don't have to save the world - they need to save themselves.

  • azor

    Just fine. You are right you are under no obligation to try and save others. However each of us are not an island. What one believes matters as it affects each and every one of us. If you prefer not to be part of the conversation that's your prerogative. I choose to be part of the conversation. For my sake, my children's sake, their children's sake, and others children's sake. It's the least I can do.

  • wizzstick

    Does the idea that there is one "correct" way of looking at situations or aspects of the world deserve respect?

    Yes - if that way is based on observable evidence.


    Do flat earth beliefs deserve respect?.....Azor

    They should be put in the stocks in the public square so that children can throw rotten fruit at them. Same goes for evolution deniers.....cofty

    They deserve the same Psychiatric Attention/Medical Help..

    As people who would put them in stocks and throw rotten fruit at them..


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  • smiddy


    Just to clarify my friend ,Jw`s never believed the earth /universe was created in 6 days of 7000 years (42000 years ) ago .

    When I joined in 1960 , they taught the universe / earth could have been around for millions of years.

    The 7000 years for a day only applied to when Jehovah decided to make the Earth as a place for humans to live on.

    Gen 1:1 Could be applied to millions of years ago

    Gen 1:2 applies to when Jehovah God turned his attention to the Earth to put humans on it.

    That is the official WT teaching .(back then anyway )

    Of course that means that humanity has only existed for no more than 6000 years , along with animals ,vegetation ,etc, which is absurd , and not supported by academics in their relative fields.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Perhaps a more important question is:

    do flat earth beliefs deserve their own thread?

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  • freddo

    Flat Earth believers deserve respect in the same way as those who believe the Moon is made of cheese deserve respect.

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