More Watchtower Property For Sale!

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  • Atlantis

    If this is old news then just scrap it.

    Looks like more Watchtower property is for sale.

    A source in Belgium said they tried selling it back in 2017 for 2.6 Million Euros, now it just went on the market again for 1.9 Million eurosFrom 2017 property listing:

    Petra! (Credit Mike & Kim)
    Bioul: Jehovah's Witnesses Center for Sale
    Bioul: Jehovah's Witnesses Center for Sale The large parking lot surrounding the building.
    Bioul: Jehovah's Witnesses Center for sale The largest room in the center.
    Bioul: the center of Jehovah's Witnesses for sale This small pool served as a baptistery.
    Bioul: Jehovah's Witness Center for sale One of the apartments of the property.

    There will be no more Jehovah's Witnesses gatherings in Bioul. The huge property located at the end of the village is for sale for 1.9 million euros.

    According to our colleagues from La Meuse, the huge property has been on sale for six months and unused for a year. The places, located at the exit of the village of Bioul, are as atypical as the activities that were organized there. The center could indeed accommodate several hundred Jehovah during its large assemblies thanks to its four multipurpose rooms, the largest of which could accommodate up to 1,000 people.

    On the site of the real estate agency Trevi Cinecan, responsible for the sale, describes a " real estate complex in perfect condition, consisting of several multipurpose rooms, studios and apartments and a large storage area and workshops in sub ground. "

    Parking included, the total land area is 1.75 hectare. The property is on sale for the sum of 1, 9 million euros.

    The building belonged to the "Congregation" for more than 30 years, but was less and less busy in recent years. Hence the decision to separate from the good.

  • Atlantis


    Thank you! Your photos look better anyway.


  • ToesUp

    Going out of business. Everything must go!!!

    Great news!!!

  • waton

    That is a bargain sale. you could just get 2 dilapidated shacks in Vancouver or San Fransisco for that. Do petrodollars know about this?

  • pepperheart

    I bet this is one of the 3,000 halls around the world they were going to be selling off,but if they cant sell it,its twice as nice for us

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    sounds more like an assembly hall rather than a kingdom hall

  • smiddy3

    i agree it sounds more like an Assembly Hall ,but what does that indicate ? Surely that the WT is in trouble somewhere along the line .

    Ok I can see getting rid of some Kh`s but not Assembly halls so soon after they have been built ?

    Churches of Christendom have lasted for Centuries in one religion or another and Jehovah`s Witnesses sell there KH`s / Assembly`s off after a decade or two ?

  • amiable atheist
    amiable atheist

    Kim & Mikey said, it's an assembly hall.

    "Another one bites the dust!"

  • steve2

    Each time I read a thread like this I recall the Scripture that JWs of old used to boast about their rapid worldwide growth: "The little one has become a nation."

    Irony of ironies.

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