Types attracted to the sect known as jehovahs witnesses.

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  • flipper

    Let's not forget that they recruit at prisons.

    Mrs Flipper

  • just fine
    just fine
    I think a lot of otherwise sane people get tangled up with the witnesses when they are going through vulnerable periods in their lives, more so if they have a relative that is a witness.
  • Giordano

    The JW's seem to recruit among the psychopathic demographic.

  • pile2222
    Well, my sister was contacted by 2 sisters on a Saturday morning and she was actually glad that they rang the doorbell because she would have slept in for work. But at that time she was looking for the "right" religion in church and she went to church very often but felt that there was something wrong in Catholicizm. She even made me kiss the feet of some Jesus statue in church (where others have kissed that same statue who knows how often before!) So the next return visit was already a Bible study with my sister. After not even a full year of studying and going to the meetings, she got baptized at the big 3 day assembly in 1988 (she was 30). She witnessed to my mom very extensively (who sometimes had to tell my sister to stop because it was all too much at once for her) and to me. So my mom and I started studying with an elderly sister in the town where we lived. We all blindly believed everything that was told to us. My mom did sometimes get very upset at the meetings when topics about sex came up in a talk or a WT study. She said that she doesn´t think that that is an appropriate subject when kids are there. But eventually she got over it. Now my sister and my mom are very devout JWs. They hardly ever miss any meetings and if they do, they listen in on the phone. My mom and I got baptized on a 2 day convention in 1993 (I was 17 and my mom was 57) . I stopped going to the meetings in 2002 because I met my husband then and he´s an opposer. So up till recently I was very resentful of him because he would let me go now but not our very young child. A month ago approx. I started going on the Internet about JWs and the first Website I went to by chance was JWfacts.com and the next was Barbara Anderson´s site. Eventually I came here. So the first thing that struck me very much was the explanation on JWfacts was that the other, more probable, interpretation of the "other sheep" and the "little flock" that Jesus talked to his desciples about are in fact the Jews who accepted him and the other sheep are the gentiles who also got a chance to accept Jesus! I was sooo shocked because as a JW you´re only told that the little flock are the 144,000 and the other sheep are we, who don´t go to heaven but will live on a paradise earth! I have NEVER EVER considered any other possibility other than that what the Witnesses teach! Next I watched ALL the GB broadcasting rebuttles of Lloyd Evans (John Cedars) and my eyes really opened up! I don´t agree with him a 100% on everything because he doesn´t believe in God at all but I still do. I am still confused about everything. I read some people´s comment on this forum that they are actually GLAD that there WON´T be a paradise earth for us. But I feel very sad because I don´t really feel like I´d like going to heaven (I´d miss animals and swimming). The only negative thing that I could think of is that you wouldn´t get bananas or coffee or other imported stuff as easily as you get them now and that you´d have to make EVERYTHING from scratch instead of being able to just go out to the store and buy it (i.e. chocolate, clothes or shampoo, soap, etc.) But my sister always says: "think about it: then you´ll have all the time in the world to make those things." So I´m just very sad that this is supposed to be it! And I´m not just thinking about myself! 80 % of the earth´s population are dirt poor and others have bad health or illnesses or are deaf, blind, crippled, etc. So if this is all the life we can hope for then I am very disappointed. Please comment. Thank you!

    Types attracted to the sect known as jehovahs witnesses.

    Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'enjoys specially-arranged baptism service in Broadmoor after becoming a Jehovah's Witness'

    ................Image result for Yorkshire ripper jehovahs witness

    • Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, 68, was jailed for life for murdering 13 women
    • Held at Broadmoor since being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia
    • Sutcliffe was befriended over the last 15 years by Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • Reportedly attends bi-weekly bible study classes and practices the religion
    • Has now been baptised in private room by two 'brothers' in special service

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