Types attracted to the sect known as jehovahs witnesses.

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  • atomant
    l have observed the types of people attracted to the sect are many times unbalanced,unstable,emotionally insecure types.The jdubs seem to home in like vulchers circling the prey ,preying on the vulnerables.They tried it on me when my father who was an elder died.Promising that if you become a dub you will one day see him again.l said how can you promise that when you keep making false misleading predictions.l was wondering if others have observed this phenomenon.
  • talesin

    Yes. The converts I knew were single parents, and addicts who were looking for something to hold onto. You're so right. They prey on people who are looking for hope, and salvation (whatever that is).

  • Stirred
    I was a college educated, single, stable, non-addict convert who already didn't celebrate xmas (but didn't mind others holidays) due to commercialism and pagan roots and used Jerusalem Bible / Yahweh. I never believed in trinity either so those points resonated as well as explanation of 144,000 and second death. I was/am very social and was recovering from divorce and wanting to see family again vs. reincarnation ideas. It took me a long time to dunk as I hated treatment of women...but swallowed to make a decision and not be perennial fence-sitter. I figured I would figure it out and felt more comfortable and had more answers than most religions explored up till then (still young) . I do think being very attached to family and wanting assured promise to be reunited was strong lure....and I don't want to let that go. Also, dating a DF person who wanted to eventually get back and bring me with him helped push me in that direction though I thought i was being careful and checking all out. Internet would've come in handy during that time. Peace
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    atomant (Q) " Types attracted to the sect known as Jehovers Witness"

    The Rebel (A) We shouldn't overlook the attraction of someone going to a great deal of trouble coming to "your "door each week to reach you with the " truth"

    I mention the above because that's when the " brain washing begins".

    Ovbiously it's easier to "prey" on those not in full time employment,but instead those at home during the week. The relationship between study conductor and " bible" student then has to be a strong one, and progress until an invitation to a non-threatening event ( meeting at the K.H) is agreed.

    Now the " love-bombing" takes effect, ect ect.

    Having progressed to this stage it's time to introduce the negatives as the "bible study" is exspected to ask less difficult questions and accept the absurd, whilst attending more " non-threatening" events. If the " bible student" does not do this they are made to feel guilty and unworthy of association.

    So I believe the only way a person can be converted from the door to door ministry is:-

    A) If the Jehovers Witness can target a recruit generally looking for a purpose in their life.

    B) If the Jehovers Witness is able to "sincerely" befriend the new recruit and gently lead them through the process of " brain washing" one step at a time, over many months.

    C) And those that stay and advance in the organisation do so because they have generally developed a sence of superiority.

    D) Rational thinking has little to do with any of of this.

    The Rebel

  • Lieu
    I don't think they're different from anyone else who is looking for what they believe to be missing in their lives and join some group.
  • stuckinarut2

    How often does the society openly relate experiences of ones who "we're at a low point, and just then witnesses called on them"?

    This method of calling on vulnerable ones is actually promoted as a way to seek out "those sighing and groaning over this wicked world".....

  • kaik

    It depends on the situation and JW use it to entice people to the religion. My parents were brought in by my JW relatives. They lived middle class in communist Czechoslovakia in 1960's when everything was uprooted by Soviet invasion in 1968. My father was purged, lost job, prestige, social standing, future. My JW aunt offered a bible study where mighty Jehovah will be arriving in couple years and will destroy Soviet army in the battle of Armageddon. In Cold War in 1968-1972 there was little hope that anything would change. Soviets tanks were on the streets, later they moved behind the city, and no power on earth would defeat it. The prospect were bleak, but WT offered a hope and many people jumped. My mom got baptized to the 1975 hype, but my dad, while deeply religious never did.

    Many people like my parents joined WT around the time. We had elder who could not wait to see angels destroying the Soviets and the Red Army, and voiced it all the time. It seems that it was something he lived for, for mighty army of heavenly warriors that will destroy the wicked system. My JW relatives joined the cult in the 50's under Stalinist rule, when persecution of WT was brutal and many people were attracted to the idea of martyrdom. Once communist rule collapsed in 1989, JW started to move in obscurity in former East Block as very a few people believe that BS and these who stayed like my mom, they do it for social reason. I see the issue joining WT is much differently in USA vs USSR.


    Types attracted to the sect known as Jehovahs Witnesses.

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  • stillin
    All churches have stories of people who had hit bottom and then found the Lord.
  • Scully

    JWs are instructed in recruitment methods that specifically target vulnerable populations, such as adolescents learning to be independent, college and university students who may be away from home for the first time, people in troubled relationships, separated, divorced, the impoverished, serious health problems, people who have just had a major move and have no local support system, families with new babies.

    It's no surprise that the majority of recruits come from these types of backgrounds, because those are the ones being targeted.

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