Another problem for the JW door knockers

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  • greenhornet
  • Biahi

    More doom for the J-dubs, lol.

  • blondie

    UPS still has staff ring the bell; but the staff run quickly back to the van, leaving the homeowner baffled when they come to the door.

    If I don't know the person (looking through the peephole or the window, I don't answer.

    I am suspicious as well, especially when I am at home alone.

    The jws/WTS will just reason that they tried, then the responsibility is on the homeowner, when the die at Armageddon.

    Let me add, even if I am expecting a service person to call to look at furnace, I have them identify themselves. Most call just before they drive into the driveway.

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate
    While PIMI I always tried to put the householder at ease by making sure the sister I was working with was very visible. I'd make sure the sister was directly in front of the peephole even when it was my turn. I figured that most people aren't afraid of little old ladies. Now I try to make sure I'm the only one visible. Haha.
  • rockemsockem

    Depends on the time of day. If I don't know and its late I will answer with a 9mm Ruger SR9c in my hand behind the door so they can not see but will be used if needed. It is middle of the day I am a bit less concerned. If its anytime and it looks like Charlie Manson the 9 will be in hand.

  • Diogenesister

    Everybody please take care. My husbands ex wife and child were attacked by a man pretending to be a police officer at her front door. It was around 8 pm but still daylight. It happened many years ago but was very traumatic. She trustingly ( naturally)opened the door.

  • LongHairGal


    I think they are going to have to make door to door work illegal with all the crime around. I remember a story where a couple in New England were murdered by a young people pretending to do some sort of survey.

    I know I would never answer the door for anybody unexpected. I would pretend to not be home if I saw what looked like a policeman alone. In the US, women were pulled over by fake cops not in a patrol car. Scary.

    The only people who should be knocking or ringing doorbells should be Fedex, UPS or repairmen and you still need to be careful and see ID!

  • waton
    the 9 will be in hand. rese

    better make that an o.5 if you want to stop them cold.

  • GLTirebiter

    9mm Ruger SR9c

    I'd go with their Blackhawk .357, loaded with hollow points. Being a single action revolver it's virtually jam-proof, and the sight of those rounds peaking through the end of the cylinder sends most would-be assailants running without firing a shot.

  • waton

    True experience: I was looking for a camper unit for sale. I approached the door, not to witness but to buy. Sign in door " We shoot ever second JW that calls, the last one just left." here is a variation, fictional sign:

    To you Jws, calling to annoy us. Do you think really believe there is life after death?

    Call on this door and find out.

    have pity on the ones that peddle the overlapping groupy generation.

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