Blood Ban Not Going Away Anytime Soon

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  • Vidiot

    tor1500 - "...they do know... but can't do it... love Jehovah/Jesus, love your enemy, take care of one another... these are too simple to do..."

    I realized this at one point, too.

    "But... but... anybody can do that... I need something more to make myself feel special-er..."

  • OrphanCrow
    Tor1500: ...what's the chance of any of us needing a transfusion...not saying it won't happen, but what are the odds...

    1 out of 3 people will need blood in their lifetime

    (lots of references for it and take your pick)

  • tor1500

    Hi Vidiot & OC,

    Thanks for your reply. You both make good points....

    Vidiot, you said it best...JW's wouldn't be special if they could do what everybody else they searched the bible to find something to make them as you say...SPECIAL'ER...Love it...Yep, loving your fellow man is much to simple and how would we stand out as God's special people ? I've said this in other comments....I've seen folks drive by the friends in bad weather, while going to the hall, then those same drive by folks in their cars...will put in a slip for Aux. pioneering or full time pioneering...& they sit there until their name is announced & look pompous. Look at me Look at me...meanwhile they just passed by an elderly friend, walking through the snow. Then at the end of the meeting they get all the glory (I think that's why some of them are pioneers, just want to hear their names announced) Look at me God, I'm a pioneer...I know I'm making some points with you now...RIGHT Jehovah? At the end of the meeting, they won't even be humble enough to take someone home. I know some friends that will say they don't have a car anymore, so they won't have to take anyone home...One sister told me this couple had a car, but when she asked for a ride home...they told her they didn't have a car...well guess what ? They did...they just parked it in a place where no one could spot it...made it look like they were walking to the bus stop..Another one is that they don't have gas or the car won't make it that far...trillions of excuses...

    What I'm starting to see or rather I always saw it but didn't want to believe it...most of them are mean spirited, not all but most..some started out being nice, but them witnesses can use you up if they think you are nice & so the nice person eventually pulls back so they won't be taken advantage of.

    OC....I know that many folks do & will need blood in their lifetime...but not all...& at the end of the's a choice...your choice not anyone else's...

    Since the org. is neither inspired or can finish the rest....


  • Fisherman

    TD, your Greek is not better than WT, but, you have made considerable interesting points about blood transfusions and blood fragments when facing death - conscious or unconscious. It would be unjust to debate with you on those subjects just for winning an argument.


    " they are hoping that a scientific breakthrough will occur which will allow them to escape the humiliation of reversing their doctrine,"

    Yep... Just like they pray for new archaeological breakthroughs to support their 607 delusion...


  • Fisherman

    Yep... Just like they pray for new archaeological breakthroughs to support their 607 delusion...DD

    DD, I have read your other posts on this Forum: You have read a watchtower. Can't you see that wt extrapolations are not derived from archeology when such mismatch the Bible.

    539 BCE, the date of the conquest of Babylon by the Persians, et al, is a historical event, an undisputed fact. And according to the Bible, Israel spent 70 year in Babylonian captivity. Given the Bible, do the math.

    539 BCE +70 = (609 BCE) - ( the rule of Gedaliah ) - (the time it took the remnant to trample the soil of Jerusalem) = 609- 2 years = 607 BCE. Simple math.

    If you have already concluded that the Bible is delusional, suit yourself, but, 607 is not a wt delusion. It is a date computed from a fact. The conclusion from the steele that challenges 607 is not a fact.

  • TD

    It would be unjust to debate with you on those subjects just for winning an argument.

    Again, that's kind of you Fisherman, but to be fair and accurate, my criticism was about the language skills and perception of the rank and file. Like I said, no organization capable of producing a Bible translation could possibly be unaware of the problem here.

    The JW parent organization is fully aware that the simplistic argument presented to the masses is faulty. They even experimented with Greg Stafford's proposed work-around in the June 15th, 2000 Watchtower, but for some reason, did not choose to pursue it.



    One prayer, one Concordance, and my Greek was better than the WTBTS's. They have an agenda of power, money and saving face. My only agenda is finding the truth.

    Also, have you even read "Gentile Times Reconsidered"? Have you even read the WT's contradictory articles, full of misquotes, partial quotes taken out of context, and lacking references to source materials? Saying, "One Bible Scholar said...", is not referencing a source.

    By the way, is the "Evil Slave" a real condition/person, or hypothetical? How would YOU know? What do the GB teach, and how would they know? Who taught them "the truth"?


  • leaving_quietly

    Off topic, but as I recall, Jesus said HE would be doing the resurrecting. Not Jehovah. The title of the talk proves, once again, that WTBTS does an end-run around Jesus. (John 6:39,40,44,54; John 11:25)

  • Giordano

    In the Watchtowers own words: They know that 607 is wrong.

    "* Business tablets exist for all the years traditionally attributed to the Neo-Babylonian kings. When the years that these kings ruled are totaled and a calculation is made back from the last Neo-Babylonian king, Nabonidus, the date reached for the destruction of Jerusalem is 587 B.C.E. However, this method of dating works only if each king followed the other in the same year, without any breaks in between." Watchtower 2011 Nov 1 p.24 footnote

    It is revealing that after going to great lengths to use quotes of scholars to undermine 587 B.C. and support 607 B.C., the Watchtower of November 1st 2011 makes the following admission in a footnote:

    *Note: None of the secular experts quoted in this article hold that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 B.C.E." p.23

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