Blood Ban Not Going Away Anytime Soon

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  • baldeagle

    At the recent Circuit Assembly in our area (Nov 19/2016) a talk was given in the afternoon entitled “Jehovah Will Resurrect The Dead” it’s clear that the prohibition on blood is not going away anytime soon. Many of us here have expressed the hope that this death dealing policy would be softened or become a complete conscience matter. Not the case, JW’s are urged to not give in and to focus on the resurrection hope.

    Recordings of these talks have been made available online. Start this video at about the 8 minute mark until around the 12 minute mark. The speaker makes the refusal of blood resoundingly clear and then offers a definition regarding the word “abstain” with an illustration.

    All of the Circuit Assembly parts are available on this excellent website:

    I think this GB is going to double down on many of their teachings.

  • Vidiot
    baldeagle - "I think this GB is going to double down on many of their teachings."

    Trust me, they already are.

    Many of us suspect that they actively want to pare down the R&F to just hardcore loyalists (as a way of "managing" the Org's decline).

    Fine by me. Makes our job that much easier. :smirk:

  • steve2

    No surprises there, huh?

    How would the organization step away from a teaching that has cost so many lives even if it wanted to?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The bizarre belief in pleasing god by dying is a sobering predicament to put the JW believer in.

    It is a means of manufacturing an artificial test of faith, it is a distraction from the real issues in life and a trump card from the control perspective for this cult to put their member's lives on the line.

    It keeps the punters fearful, it raises the intensity of the stupid Watchtower belief to a matter of life and death. It is also a disastrous way to live your life trusting the judgement of seven undereducated religious obsessives to dictate the boundaries of your biggest decisions in life.

    How many have lost their precious lives deluded by the mindless dogma of the brainless idiots who control the JW org? They should be publicly exposed for this dangerous teaching.

  • schnell

    It is going away in my household. I'm not sacrificing my children to Yahweh.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Good on you Schnell!

  • Daniel1555

    That guy has creepy ears....

    Is he an elf? A Watchtower house-elf 😂

  • steve2

    Dying in obedience to your god - as old as religious lunacy.

  • OrphanCrow

    The speaker makes sure that he emphasizes that Christians "back then" abstained from blood and so should JWs today.

    Well, it's a really good thing for the JWs that there are other people in this world besides those who think they are following some God directive about sharing blood. It is a good thing that not everybody became a "Christian" because where would the bloodless industry be without blood transfusion technology? It wouldn't exist.

    Without blood transfusion technology, there would be no 'bloodless' surgery. It developed out of transfusion technology. Just imagine the world today without blood transfusions. Not only would the rest of the world be screwed but JWs wouldn't have the option of so-called bloodless methods.


    It isn't a Bible command - it is a scraping of the barrel to try to justify the WT's phobia about sharing blood. A person can find anything they want in the Bible and use it to justify any ideology - the blood phobia came first and the excavating of ancient scripture came second.

    Give it time...the next version of the silver sword will just insert 'transfusion' into Acts 15:29 and say that Jesus would have said that if the people of the time would have been able to understand it. "Isn't Jesus considerate and understanding of his audience? See how loving he acted towards those who didn't have his wisdom about the future?"

    *to add...and another thing. He makes the claim that some people in the media portray JWs as refusing all medical treatment. I would like him to produce a source for that. I have been reading tons of material for years about blood and never once have I read anyone saying that about the JWs. Never once.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Hence, for Christians, shunning (e.m) blood included not taking it in for “medical” reasons. They maintained that stand even if it put their life at risk.

    "Shunning Blood ", "Blood ban", "Avoided Blood" "Abstain from Blood", "sacrality of Blood", "life-sustaining-Role of blood" "nourishes the body"."is dangerous", "not healthy" , "makes someone animalistic", "eating life of another being not allowed" "only Jesus' blood is lifesafing".. some reasons for abstaining from blood.....the terminology issue.

    Blood is to avoid and to shun like those who dont apostates or doubters who dont go to the meetings anylonger or are disfellowshipped. Contact with both only under risk of loosing eternal life.

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