What useful piece of literature have the JW produced?

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  • Overrated

    The Aid book was gold. If you have one hang on to it. the information in it priceless.

  • Magnum
    Slidin Fast: The old Theocratic Ministry Guide Book. Strip it of the biblical bullshit and it could be re-published as a good guide to public speaking.

    I agree with that. The book was really good. I learned some really good stuff from it - stuff I still think of, when, for example, I watch instructional videos on youtube and can't help but critique the presenters.

    The book that replaced the old school guidebook was awful. It even had a lot of grammatical errors, poor reasoning, etc. that I marked in my copy.

    I agree with the OP about the Kingdom Interlinear, but disagree about Mankind's Search for God. I read almost the whole thing, and thought it sucked. I think one could spend a few minutes on Wikipedia and read about different religions and learn a lot more in a few minutes than he could reading through that boring, poorly written waste of paper and ink.

  • FedUpJW

    Every piece of literature produced is very useful. . .

    . . .but then again I have a wood-burner that gets pretty hungry for combustible fuel.

    Seriously though, I always liked the Commentary on James book. Of course now the type of Christian attitude that it encourages would never be tolerated in the "loving" organization.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    As DesirousOfChange said the literature is useful for exposing them as false prophets. It also shows they are birlliant at psychology, semantics and social engineering.

    The Watchtower staff who put this media content together are very, very clever.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    As others have noted, the Aid book, the Kingdom Interlinear, the All Scriptures books have some lasting value and use outside the JW mindset. Besides that, they used to distribute, and in a few cases printed, some non-JW books that are worth keeping. The Byington translation of the Bible for one. They had no part in the translation, but simply published it after the translator's death. I think they printed Wilson's Diaglott for a time, and it was not JW of course. Likewise they printed the King James and American Standard versions on their presses at one time.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Ok dropoff makes a point:

    I have the KJV, ASV and Diaglott along with the Byington that JWs printed.

    The All scripture book I don't find useful but the difference between the two versions is telling. The old book said in the section on Genesis that the universe was 49000 years old. The newer version of the All Scripture book changed this to 'In the Beginning'.

    I also agree that the old Theocratic Ministry school book is useful for public speaking.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Did you notice that anything held in esteem is decades old? I think all those in the Writing Dept then are dead, DFd, or have gotten the hell outta there.

    None of their new milk-toast writings have any significant value. Listen, obey, and get f***ed!

  • dozy

    Some of the publications produced by the likes of Ray Franz and Ed Dunlap in the late 70's are quite good such as the original Happiness book , Life does have a Purpose and ( especially ) Commentary to the Letter of James. I actually enjoyed studying these books in the congregation book study without realising that they were written by real bible scholars ( ironically now regarded as apostates ) as they had a much more "Christian" basis instead of just banging the drum for the Society.


    They haven’t “produced” anything useful in the history of their existence if we take a moment to realize that anything useful they have “published” was taken from another source and was not an original/educated thought on the part of the WT writers.

    Start by subtracting everything we know to be false, then subtract all the misquotes, followed by all quotes taken out of context, then all the speculation, ect. Whatever may be left that is factual, like secular advice, or common sense advice, did not originate with the Watchtower or the Gibbering Buddies, or the Writing Department, so they have actually produced nothing of benefit, ever..


  • RolRod

    Well with the shortage of toilet paper, I'd say it's all useful

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