Direction to elders on handling rape

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  • purrpurr

    From the Shepard the flock book.

    "Discernment is needed in considering claims

    of rape, taking into consideration such factors as the

    mental disposition of the person, the circumstanc-

    es that led up to the incident, and any delay in reporting"

    Chapter 5 page 59

    What exactly are they implying here? are they implying that someone who has mental health problems might make up rape? That someone could incite rape by their dress etc? And what's this about delay in reporting? what on earth does that have to do with anything??!

  • minimus

    Don’t call the police and realize a woman could be mentally unstable if she accuses someone of rape.

  • Betheliesalot

    "Discernment"...the ability to judge well. An overused word by this cult

  • stillin

    That sounds seriously slanted against the poor raped woman. Did she invite the rapist to her home? Did she look good? Was there anything at all consensual, like kissing or fondling? Yep. She's a fornicator. Throw her into the trash heap.

    Buncha assholes.

  • steve2

    Policies directing elders responses to rape allegations were written by males whose heads are brimming full of string patriarchal and misogynistic leanings. JWs like to say they’re different (ie, better, more moral and upstanding than nonWitnesses) whereas in fact JWs merely mirror the patriarchal blinkers found in wider society. JW Policies are mired in old patriarchy. Compare that with concerted moves by secular societies to welcome women’s views and experiences. For likely the first time in its dubious history, JW organization could learn a healthy thing or two about secular initiatives to legally protect women and children from patriarchal male privilege.

  • zeb
  • Crazyguy

    Girl i knew was raped by a jw study. An elder was studying with him but he was only studying to try and get her to date him. He raped her she became pregnant and only reported it to the elders when it became clear she was going to have a baby. Girls do this for a multitude of reasons not reporting i mean, shame , embarrassment, hoping it will just all go away etc. if fact most victims don’t report their rape.

    So what did the elders do? They kindly dfd her!

  • dubstepped

    I do know of a sister that claimed rape and wasn't raped. She was young and got pregnant, then cried rape. The elders told basically all of the family heads what was up so that nobody was stumbled or wondered what was up when she started showing. I was a ministerial servant then, I think.

    Anyway, turns out she had been dating a Mexican guy on the down low, and her claims of being raped by a Mexican man ended up with her married to the guy down the line, trying to help him get legal, working with my mom cleaning houses, my sister baby sat for her, etc. She and her husband seem to have a good marriage. I mention the fact that he's a Mexican because in the area I lived then there was a paranoia about these Mexicans that didn't speak English and were kind of mysterious to the good ol boys. So there was a bit of a built in narrative already.

    You can see why someone might claim rape in such a situation. So much is at stake, and being pregnant she probably just went that route not knowing where the relationship was going but knowing that she'd lose all relationships if she was disfellowshipped while pregnant. She did end up disfellowshipped. I do believe it was for the duration of her pregnancy and beyond. It was quite the scandal.

    Ultimately those men shouldn't be handling cases of criminal activity like rape anyway, but you can't just take claims of rape at face value, which is why there are professionals trained in that way (to actually help legit victims, which elders don't do anyway, and to investigate whether or not there's enough to bring charges on such a matter). Unfortunately such claims are made falsely at times and innocent people's lives are ruined. It's way beyond the pay grade of an elder.

  • blownaway

    Rapist need a 38 to the head. All fixed.

  • jhine

    From dubstepped's post it appears that in fact JW women might have reason to cry rape falsely because of the fear of being dfd and shunned for getting pregnant outside of marriage . So the WT might actually contribute to a problem which they are then totally not qualified to handle !!. Of course all allegations of rape should be reported to the police even if they happen years after the event . The patriarchs have such a screwed up attitude not only to women but secular authorities that the idea of Justice seems to have no place in their thoughts .


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