The Noblest Hope?

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  • JW_Rogue

    From this week's WT study:

    All of us, whether of the anointed or of the “other sheep,” hope to see the fulfillment of God’s original purpose and the sanctification of Jehovah’s name. (John 10:16; Matt. 6:9, 10) Such expectations are the most noble any human can cherish.

    Hoping for the death of billions of non-believers, some of which may even be blood relatives is "noble"? All while anxiously awaiting your own reward of perfect unending life? Believing you deserve it because of all the time you put in preaching to the blinded non-believers? Doesn't sound noble at all sounds like a selfish person with delusions of grandeur.

  • steve2

    Noble. Not.


    The Noblest Hope?

    Hoping for the death of billions of non-believers, some of which may even be blood relatives is "noble"?

    It is..

    If you support a delusional,genocidal,religious cult..

  • Simon

    "Billions of people will die and I'll be crowned joint-ruler of the galaxy" ... noble?

    Must be some new definition of the word I wasn't previously aware of. Simply sounds incredibly selfish to me.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments!

    Yes, how is it OK to anxiously look forward to mass genocide?

    People who desire such are usually called psychopaths.....

  • prologos

    noble" no, ignoble, but nothing new, Noah too had blood relative's bodies lifted to above Everest, "as in Noah's day" vindication by all the hours that he put in.

  • sparrowdown

    Could never figure out why Jehovah's name needed "sanctifying" or cleansed in the first place if it had never been unholy ?

    There were some talks or articles about it maybe? The phrase "upholding Jehovah's sovereignty" springs to mind for some reason.

    Maybe I am just having an exJW mandela effect moment.

  • Finkelstein

    There's nothing noble about adhering to human ignorance by worshiping Gods derived from thousands of years old ancient mythological expressions. ( fictional story telling)

    Better to accept reality of what we can physically understand of the world in which we live to are own betterment, in doing so we ultimately improve the human experience.

    As others have stated whats so noble or compassionately wholesome waiting for the destruction of 99% of humanity living today ?

  • tor1500

    HI All,

    Great true...witnesses want the end to come because they just can't cope with life. That's all it is. They also think they won't have to die, most think they'll just cross over. I'm a witness & most of them don't even have the patience to stand on line or any of life's little inconveniences. They complain about any and everything, feeling like they are the only ones going through it. They complain when they spend money yet, I say, we have more money than most, we don't celebrate holidays. They just want the GT to come soon so they can say they were right. Because being right is the most important thing to a witness & being able to rattle off scriptures, just to show how smart they are.

    @ Sparrowdown...Ezk 36:23 & Ezk. 38:23...Jehovah said HE WOULD SANCTIFY HIS why are JW's doing it too ? We are supposed to turn folks attention to Jesus Christ....we are supposed to give the good news that he died for our sins....Jehovah don't need us to clear his name, that's why he sent his son...He said, Listen Michael or Jesus or whatever humans call you...I've got a bad rap, do me a favor, go down there, & clear my name for me....they'll think it's me, but no matter....tell them you are my son & that if they want an appointment with me...they got to contact you son. Now, there's a little hitch....I'm going to have to let you be killed & son, I'm sorry, but it's going to hurt...I would rescue you from the stake, cross, again, who knows, humans can't get anything straight, but I won't be able to save'll be tortured....again, I can't save you, because I have a beef with this guy, Satan, you remember him ? Anyway son, you won't be dead for long only 3 days....That's my story of the

    Can't blame witnesses for who they are...they don't read the bible...they recite it..they are spoon, I check the bible against what they say....& I've found out...The SOCIETY ISN'T RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING....They read too much into the scriptures.

    There is nothing NOBLE minded about a JW...most not all just give it lip service.



    The WT writing department will someday be forced to write: " Jehovah's Witnesses do not believe that Jehovah will execute billions of persons, but only those whom Jehovah deems non-reformable and incorrigibly wicked. Who are these ones? We cannot say, nor can we judge our fellow man."


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