A conversation with M. James Penton (Watchtower historian, author and former elder)

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  • Simon
    My comment was to a poster that has since been deleted in case you were confused

    Yes, seemed like a nut.

    I think they were both from a generation before social media and were probably too busy for it (plus probably moved on somewhat)

  • ScenicViewer

    It was nice to put a voice and a personality to the name. I am very impressed with Jim Penton and his books will be on my list of things to read. Thanks for the post!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Tony Morris says that if you've been missing out in field service, Jehovah looks down and sees on your hands, the blood of those you missed calling on.

    By that logic, what would be the point in ever going in the ministry again once you already have someone's blood on your hands? It seems to me, no amount of field service from that point forward, could ever undo the damage you've supposedly already done.

  • slimboyfat

    Jim Penton did post here, and as on Chanel C he was most interested in liberal politics, and the Israel/Palestine situation. If it wasn't really him, whoever it was did a good impersonation. But I'm convinced it was him.


  • baldeagle

    The interview was well done and very enlightening.

  • zeb

    On 33.01 aprox is mentioned House to house. I wonder hm H2H work Rutherford actually did. Can anyone answer please.

    He mentions the up coming Canadian situation of the huge law suit pending.

    I watched this interview right through and it is a very well recorded and easy to view and listwen too.

    thankyou Cedars and Prof Penton.

  • Boco

    Good interview, and ear opening. I'll re-watch again as I had it playing in the background.

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