Good news and bad news --- pandemic and Kingdom Halls.

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  • redvip2000

    Hey Jellohoba had a plan, which I think was for JWs to preach so the end could come.

    tiny corona virus: 1 big powerful Jellohoba : 0

    For someone who could fly polar bears and kangaroos to the Middle East to stuff them in an Ark, it sure seems like Jellohoba is not able to defeat this microscopic creature.

  • GrreatTeacher

    The market is hot for housing, particularly outside the cities.

    A lot of KHs in the US were built on cheaper suburban land.

    However, a hall is not housing and the market doesn't seem to be very rewarding for buildings that pack a lot of people in right now.

    From a real estate point of view, it might be better to wait until the market improves.

    The problem, as Anna Marina mentions, is that uninhabited buildings don't exactly wear well.

    Actually, I'm waiting for an announcement to the effect that, "The home Zoom video worship arrangement has been so successful that it's obvious that Jehovah wants us to use this arrangement exclusively going forward. Aren't we thankful, brothers?"

  • Overrated

    If zoom meetings is going to be the norm. How can I make a donation of fake money and metal washers? Fake Product = Fake Money. I don't want to come to Gee-hober empty handed.

  • Balaamsass2

    Years ago I was sick and missed a month's worth of meetings. I wandered onto this site and others, read lots of history, and became AWAKE! Later that year my wife was in bed recovering from surgery, read this site and Ray Franz's "Crisis of Conscience"... and she became AWAKE. Just having a little free time to think away from meetings for a month, can have a big impact. I wonder how many have become aware after missing over a year's worth of meetings?

  • BluesBrother

    They are not really missing meetings.... they are doing them virtually via zoom. I sit along , with camera turned off , some Sundays and even the oldies are now adept at using it. They mainly sit , smartly dressed, in range and are a dab hand at the mute/unmute thing.

    Nevertheless it’s a poor substitute for the KHall routine, we shall see what affect it has on them. The poor dears so much miss “the Ministry “ ( I don’t think)

    As for vaccines , the U.K. has announced a booster shot for the elderly and vulnerable. I shall be first in the queue.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I dread the thought of having to go out on a cold wet evening to sit in a stuffy, poorly ventilated KH for two hours. The sooner they get the "For Sale" sign out the better. Lockdown has been great, no shepherding visits to make us feel guilty at our low hours.

    As for the "booster shot", I've got my sleeve rolled up ready.


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