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  • nightwarrior

    Well this is a programme that we would not normally watch, BUT.... our eldest son's best friend is on - Paris - it is really strange watching him.

    How sad are we - we are even watching BBC3 at 7pm, just to catch a glimpse of him, ( I am sure that the novelty will soon wear off)!!!! as if we had never seen him before!!

    Oh well.... thought I would post this little piece of useless information. A little light relief.

    Come on admit it - who else is watching it in the UK dare you to admit it!!!!!!!!! LOL

    For you all in the other parts of the world - 13 (?) hopeful entertainers (singers) are locked away in a posh house in and given tuition on all things musical, and then get voted in or out at the end of every week after performing live on Saturday night - real exciting viewing mmmm.. Now I know what my license fee is being spent on !!!!

    Mrs Nightwarrior of the oh so sad class!!!!!!

  • Hamas

    It's not that sad to try and watch somebody you know.

    However, I hate Fame Academy; I hate the whole concept of it. It makes me sick. Really.

  • Bonnie

    I will be glued to the box tomorrow night...well I lie...I will need to tape it cos I'm going out to the pub with a friend...but I love "Fame Academy".David Sneddon last years winner comes from near me in Glasgow...he seems a really nice genuine guy.Theres quite a lot of good talent this year...I love Alex's(GIRL) voice....I voted for her the other night...I will watch out for Paris....!

  • figureheaduk

    Now that the new series of both "Fame Academy" and "Pop Idol" are going head to head at more or less the same time on Saturday evenings, it means I can avoid the both of them like the plague with the minimum of effort.............

  • figureheaduk

    I also heared that many of this year's Fame Academy "contestants" already have contracts with major labels, with the label bosses using the show as a cheap way of getting publicity (paid for by the license payer, naturally)

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