Drug Legalization

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  • gumby
    Any thoughts?

    Yeah. I hope Greenbud will be cheaper in the store if they do legalize it.


  • heathen

    Euphemism--- If you plan on voting, the libertarian party is the only one worth voting for . They stand for the ideals set forth in the constitution of the United States of America . The republicans and democrats have shown total disregard for personal freedom , they only care about 2 things , personal wealth and power.

  • Swickley

    Ditto to all that, and I agree that the entire criminal justice system needs to be restructured. As it stands, the system discriminates heavily against minorities. Crack cocaine penalties are much more severe (crack is cheaper and more affordable for low-income and minorities) while the penalties are less severe for the elite white power that is sniffed by wealthy socialites and middle class. As for hemp legalization -- this could also help to save our environment. It has been said that if hemp were legalized in the U.S. we would never have to cut down another tree. Hemp has so many uses- paper, clothes, food, etc, but so many people do not realize the usefulness of this product (they just think it is something you smoke!). But the tree industry and other lobbyists will make sure it never becomes legalized-- they would lose big profits, and they could care less about saving the planet (e.g. dubya is a good example).


  • Euphemism

    Heathen... I've thought about voting for a small party... but then of course, there's the whole concern about fragmenting the anti-Bush vote.

    I guess I'll have to wait and see if the Dems nominate someone I can live with. (Preferably Howard Dean.) If not, then I'll probably choose a small-party candidate to vote for.

    What sucks is that I live in a heavily Republican state. So as far as the electoral college goes, my vote counts for exactly zero. (Yeah, I know, a single vote doesn't matter anyway... but I mean, even theoretically.)

  • Panda


    I did not know that Rwanda is a heavy Republican state!

  • heathen

    swickley --- You are so right on that .It totally disgusts me to see the goverment attack something that is so useful and harmless . The republicans couldn't care less about the little guy or the environment .IMO

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    1. ".....exclusively at licensed and regulated establishments (along the lines of liquor stores)." I could put up with that if it made the do-gooders feel better, but I don't think it is neccessary.

    2. Spot on

    3."Tax drugs heavily, and use the revenue for education and treatment programs." You would not have to tax heavily to fund education and treatment programs. Heavy taxing just creates black markets which defeats the idea of removing criminal elements from the drug trade and would not alleviate the problem of theft to support habits.

    4. "4. Classify nicotine as a drug, and place it under all the above regulations." Why? It pretty much is already.

    If you want to tax this stuff for health reasons, just remember...

    a) Heroin does no permanent damage to any organ of the body including the brain. It's only danger is overdose.

    b) Sugar, refined flour and hydrogenated fats are reputed to be bad for your health and are not yet taxed. If you think, as some do, that they should be taxed, consider this.... The same people who want to tax them also want to tax saturated fats and cholesterol, which have never been proven to be harmful by any long term trials.

  • Michael3000


    The US could learn a lot from examining drug laws & stats on usage, etc., in Amsterdam.

  • shamus

    Canada to sell marijuana to people who have a liscence: charging $5.00 per gram. So there!

  • frankiespeakin

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