Drug Legalization

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  • Euphemism

    Okay, well there haven't been enough heated political debates here recently, so let's start another one... j/k, mods! Seriously, if I could get intelligent replies to this thread, rather than hyperactive fulminations, that would be much preferred.

    My question is, how do you feel about the decriminalization of recreational drugs? Whatever you feel about the morality of using drugs, and taking as fact that the abuse of drugs is harmful, we're currently spending billions of dollars a year in a losing war on drugs, and in the process creating a whole criminal substructure that thrives on selling smuggled goods.

    So here are my suggestions.

    1. Allow the sale of recreational drugs to adults, exclusively at licensed and regulated establishments (along the lines of liquor stores).

    2. Require that all drugs be carefully labeled with the exact amounts of all active ingredients, as well as a comprehensive list of all inactive ingredients, just as is required of pharamaceuticals.

    3. Tax drugs heavily, and use the revenue for education and treatment programs.

    4. Classify nicotine as a drug, and place it under all the above regulations.

    By doing this, we eliminate the main source of revenue of the criminal gangs that have blighted lower-income areas, stop wasting billions of dollars a year, clear up the biggest cause of the overload of our court system and prisons, and get an extra source of revenue that can actually be used to help drug addicts, instead of treating them like criminals.

    Any thoughts?

  • Elsewhere

    I agree... however I would not tax it too much. NY is learning the hard way because they have over-taxed cigarettes. The result in a black-market for cigarettes.

    Legalize, tax and regulate... but don't make things so difficult that it is easier for people to get the stuff through the underground... doing that would put us right back to the problem of gangs and violence.

    It is far let expensive to treat an addict than to incarcerate an addict.

  • integ

    I agree 100% with your idea's.


  • unique1

    Will you run for president? Please?

  • heathen

    The decriminalization of drugs was one of the issues that the libertarian party brought out in the last election. I thought it was a good idea because there are way too many people in prison for possession of drugs which is a victimless crime . I'm all for keeping the stuff away from children but it seems there is just way too much traffic as it is to assure that .I would think a first step in this would be marry jane because there are legitamate people wanting to grow hemp in order to make clothing and it is by far the least lethal thing out there even less than alchohol by far . Stuff that can be grown or made in the US should be the first step in this . I hate the fact that the cartels are getting so wealthy off the drug trade and terrorizing law enforcement and people who don't want anything to do with it .

  • Euphemism

    Elsewhere... good point. I think that Canada has had problems with cigarette black-marketing as well. OTOH, drugs are currently so expensive due to the risk involved in smuggling them that I suspect that legalized drugs, even with taxes, would still be cheaper than they are now. But I'm no economist, of course.

    Unique1... I just might, one of these days... Seriously, it's such a relief to me to be able to vote. I've always been interested in politics, and having to remain neutral as a dub was like pulling teeth.

  • Panda

    I agree. Are you a Libertarian? I ask because this is an important piece of Libertarian ideals.

  • Euphemism

    My state doesn't have party registration, but I plan to vote in the Democratic primaries. I don't have a particular attachment to the Democratic party, however, and would have no problem voting for a candidate of any party, whose views I supported,.

    I guess I would say I'm a small-L libertarian... I think the government should butt out of people's personal business as much as possible.

    I knew a guy who was a capital-L Libertarian... he believed that the government should only be engaged in activities that required governmental authority, i.e. defense, law enforcement, road-building... no social services or the like. I think that's way too extreme. But I don't know if that's actually the position of the Libertarian party or not.

  • rocketman

    There was a special with 20/20's John Stossel some months ago. Some fairly compelling arguments were made for legalization. I have no personal stand on it, but the topic is interesting.

  • shamus

    I would like to see Marijuana legalized. That's about it.... I don't do it every day, and enjoy a good puff every week.

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