1973: MYSTERIOUS LADY (in the back bungalow)

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  • Terry
    eyeuse2badub : How do you think that night would have turned out if only you'd know ttatt?

    You have no idea how shy a person I was until after I moved from Texas to California and had real friends who weren't JW's.
    I loosened up and gradually became a flesh and blood human being.

    Before that, I was a replicant - and artificial human.

    A "certain" kind of person is comfortable in a religious cult. It is a an incubator
    for neurotics. A Petri dish.

    I think things would have turned out the same no matter what.
    I prefer sex to be my idea. Randy and aggressive women give me the impression
    that it doesn't matter to them who or what I am - and that takes the shine off the apple for me.
    That's how folks get urinary tract infections :)

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