Easier to be a JW now?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    As far as the meetings themselves it is easier but the threat of being DF'ed I feel is greater and that there is way more judgment going on between the ones left in plus there are a ton of those who are on medication for depression.

    Through I have not read the others comments so this just just my two cents worth.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    In many, if not most cases, "Family Worship" amounts to gathering around the boob tube for a JW propaganda video or the latest monthly JW Broadcast.

  • sir82

    I think it is definitely easier to fake being a "good JW".

    I think we've surpassed the tipping point, more than half of current JWs don't take it very seriously. They have little or no understanding of doctrine, and even less interest.

    Most JW conversations about "spiritual topics" are superficial at best. "Oh wasn't that a wonderful talk?" "Oh it sure was. Say, how 'bout them Broncos?"

    If somebody shows up at meetings, raises their once in a while, and writes nice-looking numbers on their field serve-us report, they pass for "in good standing". No one really cares much what they do with the other 160+ hours a week away from the Kingdom Hall.

  • Hecce

    The composition of the elders body will determine if you are going to have a good time or being required to fulfill your duties. My personal observation is that the elders themselves don't want to complicate their life and allow the flock to have it nice and easy.


    Easier to be a JW now?

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    JW "LIGHT" PREACHING......................Set The Cart Up... Leave......And..

    PREACH With Less Effort................LET THE CART DO ALL THE WORK!!..

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  • pale.emperor

    Didn't they pretend for a while that the reason for dropping the Book Study Groups was so families could have a Bible Study night instead? Do they even talk about that any more?

    I was told at the time (unofficially), that it's because when the great tribulation starts we'll need to rally together as families so family togetherness is Jehovah's new light.

    Even at the time i could smell bullshit - and just thought they're copying the Mormon "family togetherness evening" thing, albeit 120 years late.

  • LongHairGal

    Maybe it is because the average JW can do "less" with regard to hours.

    Also, because of bad publicity, lawsuits and people walking away from the religion, they have less energy to bother people about hours, etc.

    Years ago the religion would have been very vigilant in chasing "faders". Maybe here and there they do, especially if that person was somebody useful to them, or a "brother" since they don't have enough men. Some faders are perceived as more valuable than others.

    But, in the long run they are trying to get active JWs to shun "faders" since they cannot control them and they see them as a danger. They want to hold on to whatever JWs are still there.

  • Dunedain

    As others have said, I think it is much easier to "fake" being a JW now. Many, many, are just going thru the motions. There are not too many more scholarly brothers, or scholarly discussions, in this organization anymore.

    The doctrine cannot be discussed, and upheld, garnering robust, intellectual discussions. It is complete, and utter, nonsense, now. The meetings, literature, talks, basically everything, has been dumbed down. The magazines are written at a3rd grade level. The average JW, is usually poorly educated.

    Anyone, with half a brain, and who can think for themselves, have been kicked out, are on this site, or sit quietly at the meetings, and try not to get noticed. What are they left with, a R&F that just "cruises" along. Barely making a wave. The fellowship, and conversation, is superficial, at best. "Oh what a great assembly", "Oh what a wonderful talk". Then, go ask them what it was about, and you will get a blank stare.

    So, is this easier now, to be a JW, and just show up? I think it depends on which type of person you are. If you have half a brain, I would say its harder now. If you are a fake, superficial, person, then its probably much easier to be a JW now. If you could care less about core doctrines, and being lied to doesn't bother you, then maybe now its easier. If you hate field service, I guess it is easier now. If you want to fade away, and become inactive, then it may be harder now. The pushing of the shunning policy, and cutting off family, has to be making it harder for some.

    At the end of the day, the Borgs policies, are always a 2 edged sword. If they are hard-lined, and uber strict, they will lose many. If they are lax, and more liberal, it will cause people not be invested, and whole new generations, could fade away. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. Either way, the numbers show, its not working anymore, no matter what they do.

  • JW_Rogue

    To the OP: yes, in some ways they have lightened the load but they have ramped up the rhetoric so that those who don't fall in line are pushed to the side in the congregations. Only the uber-dubs are allowed in the inner circle of the congregations with the Elders and Pioneers. Also, you must remember that the cart work isn't available to every JW, you must be a pioneer or be approved by the Elders.

  • Vidiot

    Xanthippe - "Easier to be a JW now?"

    If you're a dutiful loyalist.

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