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  • hoser

    Unfortunately poor, under nourished, and over crowded people are the most at risk for dying of covid.

    It isn’t a fair pandemic. Even in 1st world countries the poor suffer the most of this plague.


    There’s a pandemic by definition, but it’s hardly the life-ending plague it was predicted to be. It sucks that people die, but people die every year, especially from preventable diseases and no one is bitching about that last time I checked.

    We haven’t been proven wrong about the propaganda and politics surrounding Covid-19, or the stupidity of lock-downs, ineffective mask mandates, citizens being arrested illegally for not wearing masks ( sometimes to take a bite of food at a ball game ).

    New stories about the lying, “If it bleeds it leads” Main Stream Media come out every day, as do reports about the dangers of the “vaccines” approved for emergency use. (Not FDA approved) The Far-Left continue to censor free speech, misrepresent the facts about most everything. Why wouldn’t they? They and their “fact-checkers” are owned by the very same corporations who have tripled their wealth during the lockdowns and who have financial stakes in the success of the “vaccines.”

    We just get tired of trying to wake you up. If you love India so much just do some research and find all the brilliant Doctors in India who challenge the Mainstream/Globalist narrative and see what these world class Doctors and Virologists have to say.

    I doubt you will, but the information is out there.

    Yes, poor, undernourished people are more at risk than healthy people. Makes sense because a healthy person has a stronger immune system. Obesity and race play a role as well since being obese can occur due to a unhealthy diet. It can be hard to get good food if you’re poor, and darker skin means less Vitamin D is absorbed which also hinders immune health.

    There’s talk from some idiots of financial penalties for those who refuse the “vaccines.” The hypocrisy and lunacy is plain to see when you consider that there’s no such penalty for those who choose to ignore their health and drink themselves to death or eat at McDonald’s while the rest of us pay for their medical care.


  • iXav

    There’s a pandemic by definition, but it’s hardly the life-ending plague it was predicted to be. It sucks that people die, but people die every year, especially from preventable diseases and no one is bitching about that last time I checked.

    There is definitely an element of propaganda and mis-information. You need to remember that any time a new disease raises its ugly face, there is always fear mongering and misinformation. When HIV-AIDS made the news, there was a lot of fear mongering as well. That said, saying that Corvid19 "it’s hardly the life-ending plague it was predicted to be" is a little disingenuous if you only take a single data point to make your point (death toll).

    A lot of experts were not sure about the full impact of Corvid19 in the beginning and what they could go by was data from previous pandemic that cost millions of lives. Thanks to modern medicine and new media (mass communication), most government were able to stem the flow of what could have been a more deadly outcome.

  • Steel

    Data Dog .You are quite literally the stupidest human on the entire planet.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Everyone knows masks aren't 100% effective but they are more effective than doing nothing.

    Wearing seatbelts doesn't guarantee you wont die in an car accident either.

    My guess is that the people that have problems with wearing masks are the same people that would choose not to wear seatbelts, or motorbike helmets because its infringes on their rights and freedoms.

  • Biahi

    Steel, that was a mean comment.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Masks and lockdowns has worked very well here in Australia. Life is almost normal here now.



    Personal attacks are what people who suffer from ideological possession resort to. Steel is no different than a JW, except the Mainstream media is now his Church.


  • Simon
    Its been strangely quiet on here lately about covid..or isnt it news any more. The " NOT A PANDEMIC" brigade have been noticably absent about the situation in India.

    You seem to be insinuating that they are wrong? But you are comparing Apples and Bricks.

    It's possible that some in the west overreacted and the "pandemic" wasn't that bad, and at the same time, that the same virus can be devastating to another country such as India.

    India has lots of poverty and incredible population density - just what a virus would want.

    That some conditions are ideal and some are less ideal is surely hardly a surprise, right?

    India appears to have been hard hit and struggling to cope, hopefully they get the help and support they need, especially for things like supplies of Oxygen.


    If you love India, send his family some flowers. He died 24 Hrs after taking to Covid Jab. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.*

    At least he got on Twitter and encouraged others to get the jab.

    Was he a Doctor? I’m not sure about India, but I’m pretty sure Twitter would ban me if I gave any medical advice as I’m not a Doctor, especially if I cautioned against taking the “vaccine.”

    Funny how that works...

    DD 🤔

    *The Covid-19 jab is the leading cause of coincidence in 2021. 🤫🤫🤫

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