January 2018 Message of Judgment - What Is This?

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  • dubstepped

    I've now seen a couple of references to this and did a little digging before leaving for work. I saw someone on Reddit in July saying that someone on the inside said a change was coming in 2018 with the JW message, and I've now seen two references to this in the past week. Help a former brother out. Anyone got any hard info on this? Are the magazines out yet for January?

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    The message of judgment was subliminally inserted in the bunker videos from the 2016 summer convention but honestly I’m unsure of what the connection is between that and January 2018. I personally haven’t heard anything huge but that could be because of where I’m from

  • pale.emperor

    It's some who's misunderstood exactly what the Jan 2018 changes are. As we know, starting Jan 2018 their mags are being severely reduced and online content gradually reduced too. Also, the ministry will be primarily focusing on conversations rather than placing literature willy-nilly.

    Rather than face facts and see this as a cost-cutting measure. The over zealous, blind-sighted ones are thinking it's them changing their message to "one of judgement". It's the only big change they've had in a while affecting their ministry.

    No official word of this 2018 message of doom has come from Bethel nor printed in any of their mags or on the JWBroadcasting.

    Fear not. 2018 will roll by just like 2017 did. The only message of judgement will be me when i get my gas bill after Christmas.

  • dubstepped

    Ah man, I was hoping for another 1975. Come on governing body, can't we at least get Tight Pants Tony to stick his neck out there and say something stupid? I was hoping this was a thing.

    Thanks for ruining my early Christmas present PE ya grinch, lol.

  • dubstepped

    How are these numbnuts going to talk at doors when they just hide behind carts and point to jw.borg now? I doubt most can speak with any real ability to reason anymore. The Borg makes some weird decisions in their vascillation on how to carry themselves.

  • Londo111

    This has been in the JW mythos for a long, long time. And that is, during the great tribulation, the “door would close”. Then JWs would cease preaching the good news and preach a message of judgement, basically telling people they were going to die.

    There’s a verse in Revelation that talks about hailstones raining down, each one weighing a talent. Watchtower interprets this as the hard hitting message they would preach to people during the tribulation.

    Of course, the 2018 change has nothing to do with it. But JWs are always looking at tealeaves in the pages of the Watchtower.

  • jp1692

    Nothing new here. Move along!

  • sir82

    As usual, it's nincompoop JWs with the attention span (and intellect) of goldfish speculating that [miscellaneous and essentially meaningless XYZ change] really means [Armageddon is starting RIGHT NOW!!! !!! !!! ].

    JWs, in case you haven't noticed, are basically idiots.

  • steve2

    The monotony of service is relieved every so often by sensationalist pitches.

    Who remembers the special one-day meetings post-1975 as the organization continued to milk speculation over the end of 6,000 years of human existence: “We don’t know exactly when it ends, brothers, but we do know it is so very close...”?

    We were thrilled by these meetings, convinced the brothers in Brooklyn had inside knowledge on the appointed times. How naive we were.

  • Magnum
    • How are these numbnuts going to talk at doors when they just hide behind carts and point to jw.borg now? I doubt most can speak with any real ability to reason anymore.

      I firmly believe that most JWs can't reason and defend their religion anymore. Heck, the whole org can't defend itself anymore. More and more it's becoming such that JWs less and less know their own history and their own beliefs.

      I really don't think the org wants JWs having discussions. Didn't they instruct those at the carts not to have discussions, but to direct interested ones to JWdotORG? If the org is now saying that it wants JWs to have discussions, I think that's just an excuse as to why they're cutting back on the mags (real reason = $). I think the org knows those are just empty words - that JWs are not really going to have discussions. Discussions might show JWs how much they don't know and expose them to the wrongness of the org and its teachings.

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