Each and every member of this board reaches more people than they ever did going from D2D , with more effect.

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  • Darkknight757

    I have more meaningful bible discussions now that I am no longer a witless than when In the Borg. (although currently non-religious)

  • Simon

    Yeah, I want to add the view count back but while it seems simple and trivial, it can have a big impact on caching so needs to wait for some other pieces. Ideally I can hook into Google analytics to expose some of the information available from there.

    Most topics, esp. the popular ones, get many thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of views.

    Way more than some JW convention.

  • Listener

    You Tuber, Son of Thunder published his recorded disfellowshipped about five months ago. It has had over 102,000 views, that is an incredible amount and demonstrates how many can be reached.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The one thing I like about this place, don't come here half ass. Meaning, you better know

    what you are talking about. This keep you honest, no more of that BS stuff from the WT. LOL

    I know because I have been ask have you been drinking tonight are you on drugs, you

    made no sense what so ever. I was a know all JW for many years, it's very humbling.

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