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  • lastmanstanding

    Ok, I got one. Please go to YOUTUBE and watch this movie. And read the comments. See if you come up with the same thing I think.

    PS Pay attention to the young man quoting the New World Translation from Matthew 24 about the day of the lord.


    It says it went up 6 days ago.

    Notice how all the comments are positive and glowing. Yet the acting stunk.

  • lastmanstanding

    2021. Stars: Sister Cosey Parker, Brother Tim Plummer, Brother Marcus Tark **This film is under exclusive license from Bruder Releasing Inc. All rights reserved** Greetings Earthlings, welcome to Sci-Fi Central! Subscribe Now and stay updated!

  • lastmanstanding

    I think Watchtower is getting desperate as it bleeds members.

    I think... this is a Watchtower Studios product.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    It was supposed to be about a 'highly contagious virus' but I didn't notice a viral pandemic in the movie. Maybe I missed it.

  • lastmanstanding

    Watcher... watch the last 5 minutes. Then, since your interest will be peaked, zip through it, take note of the new world translation being quoted, read the glowing praise EVERYONE is heaping on it in the comments.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Yeah definitely not a secret WT project. But it does look like it was made by someone who was raised around JWs when younger and is now having existential thoughts and maybe contemplating going back, scared of current events and looking for meaning.

  • lastmanstanding

    Neat blue:

    Youtube is not the only one hosting this video. It's all over the internet. And on every site where it's to be found the comments are the same. Glowing reviews, copy and pastes. How's that possible? Are there that many stupid people who are attracted to this particular video? And they all sound alike? Does the second fool who posted his glowing review need to copy and paste the glowing review of the first fool from another site?

    The acting sucks. The directing sucks. The storyline sucks. It really sucks. And the acting is just like all the other stiff and wooden crap spewing from watchtower studios.

    If you read the comments on youtube, then read the comments on the other hosting sites, they are the same. That's no accident. It smacks of a fix.

    60 yrs of it... I know Watchtower stink when I smell it.

    WT fingers got to be in there somehow. A little digging will shine some light.

  • lastmanstanding

    I did a little research to find a connection. So far, I found that the movie was called "90 minutes of the fever" and was just renamed and reposted everywhere.

    Parker McKenna Posey worked side by side with Daymon Wayans who IS a JW.

    I am sure that I will find more JWs in this thing.

    Just finding out that the same movie by another name was out there and couldn't get any reviews, now it suddenly gets renamed and presto, glowing reviews all around.

  • lastmanstanding

    "Over the years, Houston dated singer Mila J, actress Jennifer Freeman, and costume designer Marlena Campbell."

    Jennifer Freeman from the movie dated Marques Houston who is a JW.

    That doesn't usually happen unless Freeman is a JW

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    I only skimmed and watched the end but is this a clever plot where the real story starts at the end. You know like - you've escaped but just when you thought it was safe, "ding dong" then two people arrive who don't realize they are carrying a deadly mind-bending virus.

    Is there a sequel? This could be exciting.

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