To: The WTBTS & Those Who Were Born into JWism

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  • tinkerbell82
    Much better than when I was 12

    that's exactly the age when i stopped believing in it. faking it for six years wasnt exactly a cake walk, i'm with you on that. hopefully the last two fly by for you ;)

  • onacruse


    Craig <----48 years in and free at last!!!

  • leslane

    Enbalmed, I sooo know what you are going through! I can't break free for another three years . but.. I will survive, as long as I now how to live I know I'll be alive.. (probably not how it goes, but hey)

  • SPAZnik
    Later, when I start my FRENCH classes....we will have some "real fun".




  • Perry

    Excellent post D8TA. You present a perspective not often bantered about on this board.

    May I come visit you in Brazil. I hear the odds are against you down there.

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    I heve been wondering about this topic recently. Who do so many youths leave the JW' as soon as possible. Is it as Jesus once said out of the nouths of babes. Are the young able to read between the lines and see that the whole thing is a sham, or is it simply that witness youth want to go into the "world" and have fun?

    Only one family of witnesses that i grew up with stayed as witnesses. The boy and girl are still active, and its ironic because thier father got them whatever they wanted, latest clothing fads, toys, he always had a new car every several years, and they did all right.

    On the other hand my parents got me nothing that was cool, clothing or sneakers, my father never bought a car, not even a VCR.

    What sad pathetic people!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Excellent post D8TA - must have missed it earlier

  • petespal2002

    wots happening to Tinks posts?

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