To: The WTBTS & Those Who Were Born into JWism

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  • D8TA


    You suck. I win. 'Nuff said.

    To those Born into JWism:

    Freedom. Baby, it's attainable!. You CAN FIND IT. Let it all go. Family, friends. Let it go.

    You will be happy.

  • shamus


    The fight is worth it!

    Open your eyes, and the truth will be revealed!

  • LDH


    C'Mon in, the water's fine!


  • embalmed

    Unattainable until I am 18.

  • tinkerbell82

    embalmed .. i had to wait till i turned 18 too. but the wait is worth it, for sure.

  • embalmed

    Yeah, I believe it. Only two more years...

    Much better than when I was 12.

  • D8TA

    I wish I had the grace and vocabulary....the very tools and/or skills in which could really explain what I will say here:

    In MY life, of only 32 years of age...knowing that there is so much to this world (planet), cultures, history and etc that I DON'T know., with what I do KNOW I've come to realize:

    That the reality in which we (you and I as humans) have, is sculpted by what has come before. Religion, customs, culture, laws, society(ies), sculpted and shaped by peopel and their perceptions that have existed before us. Be it for survival, dominance, superiority, what ever....there is an undeniable fact: The perceptions that we have is dictated with the knowlege in which we as a race of humans possess so far.

    God? Does he/she/it exist? I don't know. Day by day, there's parts of me that see an answer that speaks "no".....then there's that "personal" side that says "perhaps there is a 'God'". But I do know a little secret.

    Know what it is?

    That NOBODY in this life can dictate how I....Jay Landry....view MY life. Nobody can touch my perception. That there are decisions which I can make....and be responsible for.

    There are people who want others to makes decisions for them.

    There are people who want to make decisions for themselves.

    I don't know if I've had just pure luck with my life. I've had many situations in which many others have had, and they have led to lives of ruin. Drugs, alcohol, suicide, death and/or etc. Man, I look back at my past....I'm am greatful that I had the brains and hear enough to be where I'm at now.

    The flip side to my life situation is: The WTBTS had some influence as to my life, and leading me to the direction and place I'm at now. It was an "necessary evil" so to say, if you take my meaning correctly.

    Maybe that's what a few of use (or a lot of us) needed eh? That extra push, to set upon a different path for our individual lives. That what, perhaps our friends and family members who are apart of such organiztion, we needed for OUR happiness.

    Sure we want the tower to fall. We see the deceptions. But with everything that there is in life? Jeeez, everthing has some sort of "deception" to it....and we can cherish those situations or those few people in our lives you can provide SOME honesty for us.

    Sorry....there are some stupid people who will believe anything somebody will tell them. We who have escaped the deception of the WTBTS are the luck few. For our friends and family? Well perhaps the WTBTS is what THEY need to cope with THEIR lives. Everybody is entitled to believe in what and which "lie" they so choose. And such perceptions reach to so many so many peoples lives.

    Just find YOUR happiness.

    Find YOUR peace.

    Find YOUR belief.

    Let the WTBTS and Witnesses....yah, even our friends & family....have their "belief".

    We've already "won", for those who look for "victory"....or wish to see the WTBTS crumble. They no longer have possession of our minds and spirits. We are FREE!!!!!

    I mean, honestly....over a hundred years....and this organiztion has only 6 million members out of the 6 BILLION inhabitants of this planet. That's 6 million idiots. Think of the many more idiots in greater numbers that go for greater the entire history of humanity until now. Jeeeez. Congratulations....guess what? You aren't one of them.

    Jeeez. WTBTS....bunch of Has-Been-God-Fearing-We-Have-No-Control-Of-Our-Lives-Lets-Control-Others idiots.

    Take your Freedom Ball and run with it.

  • SPAZnik

    Great post D8TA. Lot of insight there, me thinks. Thanks for that.

  • D8TA

    Ack. I have to apologize to all.

    I hate editing posts. I really want what I typed to stand...and if there is a dispute I will fix later.

    Right now, I'm having a mix of Portuguese/Spanish with English. I mix rules, context, and words. My brain thinks one thing, and I type another. Grrrrrr.

    If you can get the general gist of what I've typed, thank you for your patience.

    Later, when I start my FRENCH classes....we will have some "real fun".

  • rocky220

    Yeah baby!!!!!! In 1975 I was 18 and that's when I broke out. Don't kid yourself it was a battle, but in the long run, It was much better to be out and keeping it real than putting up with the B.S. in the KH!!!!!!.........rocky220 [from the good to be out class]

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