Fluff-drink recipes anyone?

by smurfette 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Yup X those were the "some" I was referring to.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Shamus beat me to it,

    mine was, grab a cold coors, twist top counter-clockwise, bend elbow, enjoy!! LOL

    Anyways, Smurfette, the Key Lime Martini is a keeper, that sounds scrumptious!

    I bet you are a great barkeep!

  • Ravyn

    hey that Blue Motorcycle and Kansas City IceWater is called an Adios M***** F***** in CA(two of them and it is 'adios MF'er'...). And if you take the basic Long Island IcedTea mix and substitute Amaretto for the Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice for the Coke you got a Boston IcedTea Party.

    The Screaming Orgasm is good too...but it has been around for so long I didn't think it was a novelty anymore:

    1 shot of vodka(vanilla vodka is a new twist)

    1 shot of Baileys

    1/2 shot amaretto and 1/2 shot kahlua

    ^ big thing at the ski resorts about 15 yrs ago. Without the vodka and equal amounts of each liquer it is just a regular Orgasm. Can be awkward to order in a bar--especially a loud one where you have to scream and the music suddenly stops as you are ordering it from a cute waiter....


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