Legal Fundraiser to 'sue' individuals JW's (ie. elders) for defamation

by Nathan R. Koppe 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • StarTrekAngel

    I have seen that kind of phase on people. My own wife was abused at an early age (not by a JW) and when I brought up the child abuse problems within the org she started going down a very similar path. I told her that it could possibly mean that it feels unfair to her that anyone can have an entire community behind them when they were abused but she was shown no pity, no help was offered. Her own parents looked the other way because the offender was family. In fact, by her own admission, abuse by family members was quite common in her early life. It was a different time and a different mindset. I told her that having survived that on her own thru years of pain and trauma had made her callous to the suffering of others, which is probably as bad a chronically being a victim. We all like to look at the next person going thru the same as we did and claim we were stronger and complained less. She even had that same reaction about me. When I fell ill because of the chronic stress, she looked down on me as weak and sounded exactly like Simon. If she just knew what she did to me at the time, she would have not done it. Things have changed off course, and I forgave her pretty much on the spot.

    That is all I am going to say about that. Regardless of whether you feel like one or not, you and I, we all were victims and in some ways we continue to be. For as long as our family relationships are affected by this organization we will be victims of some kind. Chances are other toxic people in our life are causing the same harm and yet we don't call them cults or come close to victimizing us. The questions I would ask is, how pervasive is that influence? Is it getting broadcasted on TV constantly and disguised as spiritual help?

    If you have managed, because it is not something you easily do by choice, to move from under their foot, kudos to you. If you still have not managed to do so... please stick around and use all the help you can get from here. I know it helped me beyond words. It is sad to see that some people are now looking down on those who are struggling with the same things we did.

    I agree some of these legal venues propose hold no grown. Be part of the solution and educate people but do not denigrate them. Many of the things that are said here are quite prompted by anger and frustration and are not always rational.

  • JC323

    It must be really nice to think that you are never the problem with any of your life issues. That all good things that have happened to you are because of how wonderful you are and everything bad that happens to you is because of Watchtower.

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