Generation expiry date?

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  • Freeandclear
    Former brothers, I've got this all figured out now! OMG what a relief. The new expiry date for the OG thang is infinite. You just have to use Common Core math and it's all good. ;)
  • Fisherman

    GT was expected 70 years after 1914 (when you overlap 2 lifes times it is about 100 years) -ok give it 123 years; 2017 expires.

    The purpose of Jesus sign was so that his disciple would see it and be ready when he came. In the first century all the apostles were presumed dead except for John or so when 70 CE came but nevertheless the other christians experienced the GT and were ready to flee Jerusalem.

    The first batch of 1914 GB generation.are dead. Why would God have those anointed wait for 100 years without some realization?

    Anything after 2017 does not add up to me. A generation that dies does not need the sign. Since generation includes 2 overlapping parts, neither part should pass away away and the GT should come within a time frame experienced by both parts not just the second part because generation means both overlappers. THis generation means both parts not just the second overlappers. My guess.

  • Lieu

    Well, I'm of the unpopular opinion that 'the Gentile Times' have in no way 'ended'. Kinda obvious to me, so any and all "generation" talk is moot. No need for "new math".

    Plus this whole thing: Luke 21:27-Then they will see the Son of Man arriving in a cloud with power and great glory.

    Whatever "generation" is supposed to actually see that happen. I don't know anyone who has.

    Of course, I'm also of the unpopular opinion that Christ isn't 'invisibly reigning' either. That's kinda obvious too.

  • prologos
    Lieu: "--'the Gentile Times' have in no way 'ended' yeah The Gentiles are doing really well, so are the fleshly Israelites went to the moon, landing robots on mars, head for the stars, hunger is gone for most. vaccines are working. painkillers kill pain. and: Babylon the Great has not fallen either, is assertive as ever, if you consider Islam, the Red Rule in China among them. No need to generate more generation gyrations.
  • Lieu

    Prologos, lol.

    Yes, there is no "this generation" for modern application, as of yet. It is all predicated on events which have not occurred ,Biblically speaking.

    I don't think Russell was correct on any of his "predictions" ... no one after him has been either.

    At times it seemed to me that some of the doctrinal silliness was part of a causal conversation that someone overheard and spread around as doctrine. Next thing you know, you're trying to spin your way out of what you know to be complete nonsense, using more nonsense.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Ha funny because it is true!
  • Phizzy

    When the Overflopping Generation or whatever it is caled is not only past its sell-by date, but is smelling decidedly rancid, then what ?

    I'll tell you, Bingo, Noo Lite shall shine

  • OnTheWayOut
    How long will it take for a JW to see that even the overlapping generation is wrong?

    Having spoken to JW's that turn up their own cognitive dissonance, this is what I see:
    Most still believe the end will come within their lifetime. Despite all previous claims failing, they see the organization and the GB as simply wanting to see it as bad as every other member.

    Older JW's are starting to see the problem with their belief, but they decide they have too much time invested and will just have to hope they were right. Younger JW's can and will wake up, but the ones who don't are so all-fired sure of Armageddon within 10, 15, 20 years- whatever works in their mind.

    The longer the time passes, the more JW's will have a problem with overlapping generation. But their main adherents will stay loyal and wait. New people won't really come in, even the kids will not keep falling for this stuff as they figure it out. But this will be a slow decay of the organization as members die off.

    Meanwhile, using "this generation will not pass away until all these things occur" they can still tinker with what "pass away" means or declare that "all these things" did occur invisibly or even some new odd things we haven't thought of. But I also believe that, due to lousy recruitment, they will try to declare 2034 as something special.

  • Fisherman

    'the Gentile Times' have in no way 'ended'. Kinda obvious to me, so any and all "generation" talk is moot. No need for "new math".

    Your guess -but..

    Keep in mind that in the Bible the obvious is not so obvious. Luke 17:20; Mathew 24:39

    The Gentiles are doing really well

    Psalms 110:2; Luke 17:28;30

    Plus this whole thing: Luke 21:27-Then they will see the Son of Man arriving in a cloud with power and great glory.

    Rev 14:14-16

  • Fisherman

    October 1 2016 marks 102 years from 1914 and close to 41 years from 1975. There should be something coming down on the horizon either event or teaching, my guess that something must give by 2017 latest. I have posted this before.

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