Why do some people who were trapped in the WT and wake up, still believe in the Bible God who allowed them to be deceived for years.

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  • pistolpete


    having proven to yourself that wt, and by extension scripture gives a wrong picture of reality, does not mean that there is ultimately no "J", an unfathomable creative entity.

    Totally agree. I don't believe in "J" but I do believe there is some unfathomable creative entity that started the whole process.

    Just don't ask me who that is, what his purpose is for us, or what his intentions were for all life on earth-----because I have no idea. But I'm smart enough to know that NO OTHER HUMAN KNOWS EITHER.

    The TRUE answers will have to come from the "Creative entity"

    Everything else is just spoof!

  • Rocketman123

    Was it the bible god's at fault in deceiving many about the activity of the Watchtower or was it the men who were the conducting leaders of this religious publishing house, who self identified themselves as god's chosen ones ?

    Personally I think it was those men and their publishing endeavors, supported by the American government's freedom of religion laws.

    As it turns out through an honest observation of their expressed doctrines, they were really acting as false prophet apostates.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated


    I recommend William Dever.. "Archaeology and the Emergence of Early Israel"

    Here is the wikipedia link which gives a list of many books on the bottom:


    As for the names of Ahab's children that's a no brainer since you find no king before this with a Yahweh name (Jeroboam I is the exception but there is no reason to believe that there was an Israelite dynasty before Omri.)

  • waton
    I don't believe in "J" but I do believe there is some

    pp. the capital J is a confirmed personal stand-in symbol for that unfathomable possible creator, it was good enough for Einstein in 1915 too. but He might have changed his mind in the far greater catastrophe that befell his people in 1940-45.

    looking now beyond the awful bible & wt induced myopia, we only can be in awe.

  • drewcoul
    God didn’t lie to us. The JW organization Did. Some of us were stupid enough to fall for it.
  • zooooooo

    we have free will

  • Phizzy

    When I first left I believed in the god of the Bible, and believed it was his Word.

    I was painfully aware that the J.W Org had lied to me since my birth, so determined to Fact Check and Question EVERYTHING in future, I didn't want to be fooled again.

    So, I put the effort in, did lots of proper Research and ended up where I am today, a Happy, Informed, Humanist Atheist.

    If I had not expended the effort, I too might still be trusting as true things that have no Foundation whatsoever.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Why do some people who were trapped in the WT and wake up after much frustration and anger that they were lied to, still believe in the Bible God who allowed them and their families to be deceived and trapped for years.
  • OnTheWayOut

    I had a long answer but this forum dropped it.

    I am right there with you Pistol Pete.
    I turned my entire life over to "God" whoever he was in my young 20's when I had reached rock bottom in my life. Jehovah's Witnesses came in like vultures and took advantage of that.
    If the God that Christianity describes were there, He would have intervened and recognized my sincerity to do "His" will. If He chose not to intervene, then I don't need to worship that.

    Taking the personal story out of it, the same can be said for the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami. If more than 200,000 people can be torn away from life, tens of thousands (probably greater than half of that number) being children, and God stands by- we don't need to worship that.

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