Any signs that Kingdom Halls will re-open soon or door to door work will re-start again?

by eyeslice 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • asp59

    Its easy for them to be online. Its two years soon with out problems. Its gonna be very hard returning to KHs. Lots of JWs seem not to like the KHs meetings. Assm halls always loose money when there are assambly. The child abuse situation. No point having KHs in western world cause no new members. Mean only reason for KHs would be the control. But younger jws dont like the control older ones have been under for decades. Just drives younger ones away from org. Its a losing situation.

  • joe134cd

    They become an online religion and it will be the end of them.

  • TheListener

    I've heard they're prepared to continue zoom through 2022.

    But that is only from a couple witnesses in my area and what they say they've been told.

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