Appealing a DF decision

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  • Fisherman

    mengano already pointed out that many cases of df are rejected by ac.

  • blondie
    millie210 26 minutes ago

    I have heard that an appeal committees purpose is to make sure all the procedures were followed according to the Orgs guidelines.

    It is not a second opinion or a re-trial.

    So if something was handled wrong procedurally, there can be a reversal.


    I have known of 3 appeals and 3 reversals

    1) first one appealed and reversed. JC was made up of father and uncle and another elder...of son/nephew and his wife. He tried to force anal sex on his wife. She complained to the elders and SHE was df'd. She went to 2 other elders outside the congregation who involved the CO. Result: df was reversed, and all but one of the elders in that congregation were removed.

    2) Another case in Canada, brother accused of adultery could prove he was not where the 2 eyewitnesses said he was, in a hotel room with a woman not his wife. His df'ing had affected his business dealings greatly. A non-jw lawyer met with the Canadian Bethel and convinced them to reverse it. Turned out one of the eyewitnesses was his wife who subsequently re-married one of the elders on the jc.

    3) Another US case. A minor baptized child was accused of disrespectful behavior towards elders' children which morphed into so-called drug dealing. Appealed for procedure, child's family not allowed to bring forth their own eyewitnesses and other credible proof, turned out that one of the elder's children on the JC was dealing drugs and accused this other minor. CO forced BOE to review case or be removed.

    It would be hard to find anyone to confirm these but I was personally involved in 2 of them providing evidence on the second hearing. One of those cases reared its head in a new congregation I was visiting and realized where this family had moved to (father, nephew). They had told the jws there a different story. I referred my friends there to the CO and 2 elders on 2nd hearing. I guess some people can re-invent themselves.

  • Iamallcool

    I do remember one sister got df'd because she invited two JW brothers to spend the night in her home because it was too dangerous to travel elsewhere in a very heavy snowstorm. The elders learned about it and they df'd her. I do not know what they did with two brothers. She appealed then she lost the appeal but she wrote a letter to Bethel and they wrote a letter to her body of elders to reverse df'ing, One of the elders announced to the congregation that they made a mistake, Rare Story indeed!

  • BluesBrother

    Always appeal...... unless you are openly "living in sin" or just want to walk away. I have experienced several reversal of decisions. The Committee Elders hate it (who wouldn't?) but it happens.

    It is only the most naive blinkered inexperienced dubs who really believe it to be a judgement of The Holy Spirit

  • sir82

    Something that most JWs dont know is that if you Appeal your DFing and they uphold it - you can then Appeal to the Branch.

    That's true, the elders are instructed to never mention this is an option, but it is in the Elders manual.

    Yet another disadvantage the R&F have in not being able to read it.

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