Jehovah's Witness woman killed on the way to convention

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  • StoneWall

    Just saw this news story that was shared by one of my family on Facebook.
    Sad that she lost her life to an attempted car jacking.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I would normally be up on such stories, but I was on vacation at Tahoe Apostafest last Sunday and shootings are so common in Chicago.

    I wouldn't normally make light of such stories and hope that nobody is offended by my attitude toward Watchtower and the way it's members would react to such a story. If you are offended stop reading NOW!

    It's funny that if she escaped the car-jacking and made it to the convention, they would say that Jehovah did that, but no such mention of Jehovah's protection when the results are tragic. I am sure it's just more "We sure need Satan's system to end soon." Maybe they can spin it into "Use the approved hotel list instead of driving in every day."

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Sad. Better to give the car up if that is what the gun wielding guy wanted. But the driver could have just panicked.

    Just goes to show that Jehovah doesn't give a crap about his servants.

  • LV101

    Sad, indeed, to walk out of your front yard and be carjacked/killed. Thugs of society preying on the innocent -- always prevails.

    Is this a common event that happens to women in Chicago - metropolitan cities! Very similar horror (no killing) happened to my friend in Chicago picking up passenger at her residence. Another car robbery at stop light -- and at grocery store/Chicago. Maybe if they can grab the handbag(s) they take off and lives have a chance of being spared, but who knows.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Maybe have a spare handbag with a few bucks and other odds and ends to toss at a hijacker. All they want is money. Hide the real deal.

    This always concerns me. I am a medical courier and sometimes am in bad areas...East St. Louis, IL, parts of north St. Louis Mo, city and county. But even in so called better areas I drive, there have been carjackings.

    Reminds me I shouldn't just jump out and leave the car open.


  • truth_b_known

    Here's the worst part - Witnesses will say one of two things; 1) "Time and unforeseen circumstances" or 2) She must have had a "secret sin".

    Now, if she was Murdered going somewhere while she "should have been at the convention" they would say; "See! Going to the meetings/assemblies/conventions is a protection!"

  • Simon

    "Black shooter kills black victim in democratic stronghold". Pretty much every Chicago headline?

    How do I know the shooter is black? Because if he were white it would be on the national news and it isn't. Maybe there's still a chance he'll turn out to be ... maybe it isn't even a man, maybe it's a transgender women ...

    Senseless killing of innocent people and no one cares. Where are the marches? Where is the outrage? Saved in-case the perp is ever shot by a white cop, however unlikely and however justified ... then people will 'care'.

  • FedUpJW

    It's funny that if she escaped the car-jacking and made it to the convention, they would say that Jehovah did that, but no such mention of Jehovah's protection when the results are tragic.

    My thoughts went in a similar direction. Everyone yapped on about the comment this morning in the WT, "Jehovah was ready to answer their prayers for any help they needed..." that it is so wonderful the Jehovah answers our prayers. My thought as I read about this person getting shot that perhaps she forgot to pray before she left? And IF she prayed, perhaps she forgot to pray for a safe arrival at the CONvention? If she prayed, and she prayed for a safe arrival...then God didn't hear, or decided to not answer.

  • Finkelstein

    I hope this woman didn't think because she was a JWS on her way to a Convention that she therefore was going to be protected by Jah anyways, was the reason she didn't obey the attacker and spend off.

    There is certain amount of psychological delusion with JWS that has to be realized.

    Lessen to learn here is that when someone confronts you to hijack your car, your best to just let them have it and then immediately call the police.

    Most of these kind of people have some kind of weapon on them that they might use and they may also be on drugs as well to add to their erratic violent behavior.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The great desert god will somehow provide $35 for a pioneer who needs gas money to go to a convention but can't urge a poor sister to make a different turn to avoid a carjacking down the block. I don't think the Israeli desert god picks winners and losers, it is just that shit happens.

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