HOW busy is this board now?

by ninecharger 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Euphemism

    What say we all make a mob and lynch the good ol' security guard there... <--ow!

  • tinkerbell82

    oh that's what is, a black eye guy?

    i always thought it was a pirate...

  • onacruse

    tink, at first I thought the same thing! LOL

    And so what does mean? It sorta reminds me of Euph ()

    And what about ? Ready to puke?

    And ? Itchy nose?

    I'm gonna stick with my good old standby: Much classier than


  • tinkerbell82

    i think is a yawn

  • rocketman

    One reason* why Simon limits the number of new threads started each day to two (or less in some cases) is so that there are not too many new topics posted, which enables things to be slowed down just a bit.

    *The other reason may be that it's the only way to contain Miminus.

  • Euphemism
    oh that's what is, a black eye guy?

    i always thought it was a pirate...

    Hey, your guess is as good as mine...

    *yawning in da supahmod's face*

  • mouthy

    NO! Ballistic I dont> want to explain....PLEASE

  • obiwan

    I hope in the next few months this site will be even busier. My mailing will go out soon, wish me luck.

  • mouthy

    I wish you luck Obiwan!!!! Hey your leading me astray ---thats a no-no in the borg!!!Oh well I wish you doubly good luck

  • Scully


    In an open thread, if you put your pointer on your name above your picture a little menu should pop up that says:

    Send Message
    Post History
    Topic History

    If you click on Post History, you will see a list of topics that you've posted in, starting with the most recent page. If you click on Thread History, you will get a list of topics that you've started.

    The other way to do it is to click on your Inbox at the top of the screen, where it says
    Inbox (# new messages)

    Once you are in the next window, near the top of the screen will have this:

    Jehovahs Witness Discussion Forum > Member Directory > Mouthy > Inbox

    If you click on your name, you will see your profile, and at the bottom are the options to view the Posting History and Topic History again.

    Love, Scully

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