HOW busy is this board now?

by ninecharger 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • ninecharger

    Am I just imagining it - is it because I now treat my addiction to this site by restricting my time - or is it actual?

    Are the topics turning over faster now? Mouthy said she is finding it hard to keep up so am I. Sometimes you need to go back half a dozen pages to see if there was a response to a post.

    I wonder, however, if this isn't because people don't choose which section of the forum to post on, they just submit a new post under "Active Topics" instead of Friends , Doctrine, Blood and Medical, Humor, Adult, or whatever.

    You need to get in real quick. Eventually I will move on as do we all, and it is great to see newbies discovering things we found out long ago... A bit like seeing your kids fall in love for the first time... But, been there done that. Though it is sad to miss familiar posters.


  • RunningMan

    You're not imagining it. I can't quote any stats, but the number of topics and posts is definitely higher.

    Why, back in my day - that was in twenty and ought one - we all knew each other by first names and you didn't even have to lock up your e-mail address at night. In fact, only 100 posts made you a jedi.

  • shamus

    OMG, I was just thinking the same thing!

    Some threads are 4 pages back now! This board is incredibly busy!!!

    Hey, ninecharger, want to mind-meld?


  • stillajwexelder

    I must admit I struggle to keep up - I tend to use Randy and let him pick the really hot interesting topics -- cheating I know --but it helps reduce time spent - -so I can spend it on all tha t good stuff like study/preperation/meeting attendance and filed service (actually that is BS but I am sure you knew that) -- yes the board does seem to have got busier -- seems after all the recnet events child abuse/UN/ etc. etc. that more witnesses and others just do not worry the same as they once did and the more the GB rants and raves the more they come online and use the net - -as 3rd world and other countries get the internet I am sure the trend will increase

  • Simon

    It is busy !

    I'm planning on bringing back the rating system so people can just look at the 'best' topics if they want.

    It helps if people take a second to make sure they post things in the most appropriate section so those who are only interested in a specific topic can find things and keep updated easier.

  • ballistic

    Does everyone know how to search for your own posts. That makes things a lot easier to reply to things you've previously participated in.

  • ninecharger

    Shamus - Mindmeldin' are great,

    But wit bits of mes needs ya ta touch to do it Hon?


  • shamus


    I am awaiting the mind-meld.

  • Lapuce

    It is more busy and its harder to keep up, I like that as it makes my long nights at work pass faster with all the interesting reading....


  • onacruse

    What say we all get cut back to 1 thread per week and 5 posts per day?


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