Kids in my kingdom hall

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    Your mom would spank kids that had a single mother I dont no what to say about that.Your dad was a bad man I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

  • Akid48

    You know starting to think about it some of the little kids in the kingdom hall look scared of there mom and dad.I would have never thought that it was because they got dragged to the back school and had gotten slaped etc


    I'm sorry but the worlds right on that one children should have rights.I dont know what the hell your grandfather was thinking.

  • BluesBrother

    Kids around here are an unruly bunch. Thankfully, the cong Mrs B attends has few and well behaved but the one nearby? .....

  • blownaway
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho a day ago

    I remember one night after the book study (which was hosted at our home), we had the coffee and cake afterward. It was a monthly treat and all us kids would get to hang out and play together. I was maybe eight or nine when this happened...

    Some of the kids were playing in this little passageway under our staircase during hide and seek. Well, WHAM! Sr did not like this conundrum at all. I suddenly felt myself being dragged up the entire staircase by my ponytail! By the time I was up the top, my father smacked me so hard across the face. The other cheek turned red from embarrassment as all the kids had stopped their playing to witness my unexpected beating.

    When I managed to ask WHAM! Sr what my crime was, it turned out that "under the stairs" was an out of bounds zone for children. When I protested that I wasn't even the one playing there, he told me in no uncertain terms that my public smackdown was to serve an austere lesson for the onlooking children who were playing there.

    WHAM, I know the pain. My mother was a spastic also. One time when we were all camping at a camp ground with a bunch of JW at an Assembly, I had walked up to the campground store. I bought a pop cycle and was playing a pin ball game. My mother came storming in dragged me out beating me with a metal spatula.

  • titch

    Greetings, Everyone: This thread reminds me of a similar thread on this forum, several years ago, about a book written by one William (Billy) Coburn. It is entitled "The Spanking Room." I bought it through, and it is an interesting read. It is about Mr. Coburn's experiences of being raised by a JW mother. (His father never got into the JW belief system) But, yeah, in this book, he details the "spanking room" that seemed to exist in EVERY Kingdom Hall, put there for the main purpose of spanking, and disciplining wayward children at the meetings. The slightest "infractions" of rules were to be dealt with by removing the "errant" child to the "spanking room."

    I must say, though, that I had a JW mother---and she passed away over 38 yeas ago, as an adherent to the JW religion---who was a "champion" for children's rights, and did not tolerate what she saw as child abuse from "fanatic" parents. Many times she would "take to task" persons who she saw perpetrating unjust corporal punishment to little ones. I gotta hand it to her for that! Well, Best Regards, Everyone.


  • dubstepped

    We had a "mother's room" that looked into the auditorium through dark tinted glass so you could beat your kids and still see the meeting. It was also practically soundproof other than the speaker inside drowning out the screams. I was too old to get hauled back, but I watched many kids get taken back there. My mom was a pincher though. No marks, acute pain, worked for her.

  • LV101

    I'll be nice and not say anything derogatory about anyone's parents -- (I realize the child is always wiling to forgive and wants their love -- when they only possess hate) or I'll at least try. I read a few posts and after reading WMUBYJH, I can't read anymore tonight! I recall Outlaw (I think) posting he used to be hit so hard out in the parking lot by his sperm donor/father that his mouth/nose/teeth? would have blood all over or have a tooth knocked out (I try to forget -- so forgive me if I have the wrong poster) and another gal used to be kicked under the table by her father who wore combat boots. Oh my. I swear these losers did this for bonus points with their cult people -- more sociopaths/psychopaths. I know there were good parents among the evil ones.

    JWs need to have supervision until proven worthy to be around children and be investigated -- I don't care what it costs the gov't -- as well as many other so-called parents.

  • LV101

    I recall a JW telling me early 1980s that there was talk warning JWs to be cautious hitting their kids out in public places due to people (worldly) calling authorities/child protective services. At the time I thought JWs were all God's people and it didn't register -- I knew nothing about JWs other than all the perfect hype in the WT/Awake journals. WOW -- no telling what outsiders/worldly people were witnessing with regard to these abusive witnesses.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @LV101 Hey, thanks for the support. Sorry for sullying your experience on the forum today. As for @OUTLAW's childhood memories in the Kingdom Hell's parking lot... poor bastard. As a parent now, if I saw that happen to another child, I'd collect the a abuser's head. So wrong. They wouldn't do it to a damn animal, so what makes them think it's okay to do it to a defenseless infant?

  • LV101

    WMUBYJH -- RIGHT!. I don't think you and I'd make a good child-protective team! LOLOL! Many of them actually abuse pets, too! Don't ever work at a Child Haven/state protective home for children or a St. Jude home. Thank gawd the Catholics provide protective, rescue, places for babies/children. No, they need good, qualified, people but it's heart wrenching. Horrifying humans out there, unbelievable.

    I heard couple of horror stories from JWs short time I was around them -- oh, my - re/one's precious Grand Baby! I would have told that loser elder to go (anyway) re/his ignorant, cult, illiterate, words, how 'jehovah forgives'! I'd never be able to speak to that elder/loser.

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