Kids in my kingdom hall

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  • Akid48

    I think my last post i said i went to a new congregation,I'm going to just talk about some of the shit i have seen in my congregation.

    There was a kid trying to talk to a adult next to him I think it was his dad,The kid just started taping him because he wanted to tell him something and the dad gets mad Then BOOM the kid gets elbowed.I look around to see if anyone saw him do that to his kid and nope or they didn't want to say anything about it and just like wtf.

    In my old congregation,the younger kids would do random stuff in the middle of the meeting to not get board. When the mom or dad got mad I would see then get dragged to the back of the kingdom hall and hear them start crying.When I was still mentally in I just didnt think about it at all when it would happen but when i woke up im just like thats fucked up.

  • Wakanda

    That's horrible. Just horrible. They always talk about being approachable, but they are NOT.

    These kind of realizations will continue to happen kid. We are behind you and glad to see you had a moment to post. Good luck laying low.

  • zeb

    We suffered an elders wife who would wheel pram into library; there would be whack, whack a cry then mum would exit to the meeting. This was so the normal that the library became known as (name)s crying room.

    another family would park one of their brood on the floor on a rug from where it would kick the wall. Dad was up and coming so nought was done. The wall was hollow.

    a founding member of the 'dragon' class would boast of having a safety pin to jab her oldest son to keep him awake.

    Lovely people............not.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Akid48: "When the mom or dad got mad I would see then get dragged to the back of the kingdom hall and hear them start crying."

    Oof. You just brought up some memories. Back in the mid 90s, our hall had vinyl-covered seats instead of the more plush fabric ones today. I was a toddler fiddling with the freshly sharpened lead pencil and pad of paper I'd been given to "take notes". I'll never forget testing out how sharp the pencil was, because I punctured the vinyl cushion with it.

    Big mistake.

    When it made the little "pop" sound, I looked up at my father. Wordlessly, he wrapped his iron-vice hand around my little spaghetti noodle arm and dragged me to the back foyer of the hall. I knew what was coming as my feet couldn't even touch the ground when he strode up the aisle with me.

    That was one of many instances of getting pulverized at the back of the hall that I can remember. @john.prestor's research into shame and domination ( when recruiting new Witnesses goes right back to JWs being recruited out of the womb. Because that's all I felt as I was kneed back down the aisle after everyone had heard my cries and screams; red faced and stifling sobs, I was filled with shame after being dominated.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    My mother's go to behavior controller was the pinch and twist. This could be administered without anyone noticing and they would be left wondering why we were crying.

    In my late teens we had a local need part asking parents not to take their children out to smack them as the neighbors had complained about the crying children. Such a loving group of people. What a great witness. Pft.

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh damn!

    Thats so messed up....

    I know of one sister who would drag her kids outside to belt them senseless...they would be heard crying out "Jehovah help me!" as they were dragged down the isle...

  • Akid48

    You now looking back on what I typed sounds like a fucking prison.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I remember one night after the book study (which was hosted at our home), we had the coffee and cake afterward. It was a monthly treat and all us kids would get to hang out and play together. I was maybe eight or nine when this happened...

    Some of the kids were playing in this little passageway under our staircase during hide and seek. Well, WHAM! Sr did not like this conundrum at all. I suddenly felt myself being dragged up the entire staircase by my ponytail! By the time I was up the top, my father smacked me so hard across the face. The other cheek turned red from embarrassment as all the kids had stopped their playing to witness my unexpected beating.

    When I managed to ask WHAM! Sr what my crime was, it turned out that "under the stairs" was an out of bounds zone for children. When I protested that I wasn't even the one playing there, he told me in no uncertain terms that my public smackdown was to serve an austere lesson for the onlooking children who were playing there.

  • blownaway

    I remember a talk my elder Grandfather gave. He said the world talks about children's rights. Children have no rights. He was a douche nozzle of the first order. I did not talk to him his last several years and glad he is gone. I have seen so many kids who get smacked by parents who want the attention. Its Van Munchhausen by proxy.

  • stuckinarut2

    Ah @wake! I could not "like" your post! I always used to admire your father. However that kind of behaviour is just not acceptable.

    I think I was even at your group study at that time?!?

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