A Summer Saturday afternoon...

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  • Makena1

    (((Andi & Neil))

    Great story!


    Mak and Sabine

    sorry for the short post - heading to the airport for Las Vegas convention (business - definitely now JW)


  • shamus

    I love the way that you write! Your writing style makes it fun to read.... and reminds me of my childhood. Funny how boys want silly things like that...

    Anyways, thanks for your memories!

  • xenawarrior

    Great story Andi !!! Please write more ! You have the talent to draw someone into the story visually !!

    Sounds like an awesome day was had by all ! I can see those two boys on the way home playing with those necklaces with a smile on their face. They'll probably both still have them a long time from now with the memories of the day enmeshed in them to be triggered and enjoyed again any time they look at them.

    You and Neil are forging a relationship with these boys that is priceless to everyone involved.

    Thank you for sharing this !!!


  • rocketman

    Cool story!

  • cat1759


    So many posts are filled with pain and despair and today you brought in the light of a child. How precious this day was and how it will go down in the history books for those two little boys.

    Thank you


  • Billygoat

    Y'all are so sweet! It was a fun, fun day even though it was as hot as Hades! What these little boys don't realize is what memories they are creating for Mozz and I. They are SOOO cute when they aren't yours. Haha!

    Got an email from my sister-in-law yesterday. Yes, both boys wore the necklaces to church that weekend. She didn't kill me, but like everyone else thought it was rather funny and out of character for them to get something like that. She asked Cooper why he was wearing it to church and his comment was, "I'm trying to make a fashion statement." LOLOLOL! Boys!

    Thanks for the compliments and the encouragement. I find it such a release to let the creative juices flow now that it's "okay" to do so!

    Love ya,


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