Overcoming the influence of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Finkelstein

    ...and keeping people imprisoned by fear of consequences.

    Yes that's a very important element to the psychological manipulation the WTS propagates, the undermining working catalyst that holds people in a state obligation as a portraying act of survival toward themselves.

    Soon they will be awarded for their devotion as well, just keep on doing what the WTS leaders say and everything will come out good in the end.

    What does happen though unfortunately is a blurring between who they are being devoted to, the WTS's GB leaders or Jehovah..

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    Isn't it interesting when you step away from the cult and indoctrination sessions everything becomes so much more clear and makes sense. One thing I noticed personally after I stopped going to meetings was how much fear was inculcated in me and how the burden was lifted and I felt more content. Thank you for this post

  • Phizzy

    When I first left I did much research in to the JW beliefs and claims, and very soon came to the conclusion that if they alone taught something it was without doubt wrong, some of the teachings they had in common with other religions were probably O.K

    I soon realised too that many of the attitudes and fears they had tried to instill in me were wrong, so every time one of these came up I analysed it, and expunged it if it were wrong, as most were.

    I am now a person who may well never have been a JW, a real "Worldly person" as they would say, and I am now "happy in my skin".

  • Christophoros

    All or nothing,

    thank you

    I'm glad you got something from the post :-)

    I got that relief and peace too, when I finally left.

    Yes, it's amazing how much rubbish people are capable of putting up with... To the point where it becomes, familiar, comfortable...

    And only when we step away do we realise just how wrong it all was...

    I think it is very similar to being in an abusive, controlling relationship.

    It's great that there is so much information out there now, about all of these things.

    I didn't have any of that... Just struggled on my own for a few years... But then, over the years that followed, I was so lucky to meet my 2 best ever friends... They helped me so much.

    And then finally, this year, I came online and learnt a lot of things that have helped piece it all together and understand what happened.

    It's been a long journey, 16 years... But worth it... Like climbing a mountain... The views, air, sounds, peace...

    And I think I am better, stronger, for having experienced what I have.

    And with a better understanding of the human condition

  • Christophoros


    That's fantastic, and so good to hear :-)

    I just replied to All or nothing, then read your post...

    I could kind of say the same thing again...

    That is just so good to hear that you shone a light on the Watchtower, right from the beginning of your journey, and are now clear of all the mess.

    Knowing specifically, which Watchtower traits and beliefs to look for, then persistently rejecting and getting rid of them, every time they show up...

    As long as we persist, it will come... however long it takes...

    Thank you for sharing

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