My sources say Jr brown has died

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  • Heaven

    I feel my life is even more complete not having met this guy.

  • DNCall

    Jim Pellechia was replaced by JR Brown. I was always impressed with Jim's levelheadedness and intelligence. I never knew how he ran afoul of the GB. All I know is that he was replaced by a man who had far less in the way of these qualities than Jim. It's reasonable to expect that whoever replaces JR will be more like JR and much less like Jim.

  • ToesUp

    "When the crowd erupted from his statement, he added to a bigger eruption: "Children, if you don't know what that means, ask your parents!"

    Hey...WT opened my eyes about masterbation in the original Youth Book.

    WT is constantly talking about sex. Constantly! For such a "clean organization" they sure do dwell on sex a lot.

    This statement above is sick. I would be pissed if one of my small children asked me what an orgasm is. What a sick cult.

  • Zaccheus

    DNCall, I remember Jim Pellechia as well, had the pleasure of his company a few times. Very intelligent, a bit rigid, but compassionate. The last I knew he was working with the writing committee, penning articles in Awake. I didn't know he had fallen out with the GB, he must be pretty old by now though?

    I think I remember Bro Brown as well, was he ever known as Bible Brown?

  • Iamallcool

    Barrold, are you talking about Max Larson? He passed away more than few years ago. Google him up.

  • joe134cd

    He was certainly a man who had the gift of the the gab.

  • wannaexit

    Oh well-- plenty of other people die. He lived high driving his fancy car.

  • WingCommander

    Wasn't he interviewed wiggling and lying on one of the Dateline NBC stories about the Pedo's in the Org?

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