A cheeky cigarette in Adelaide

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  • wozza

    My partner has been going to the Adelaide law courts recently and as she goes thru the Topham Mall she has said hello to the JW cart ladies on her way ,well, today one of the ladies she observed went around the corner from the cart and lit up a ciggy...so naughty.

    My partner has never been a witness but she knows I was once and asked me if they were allowed to smoke now.

    Jeez they get up to some naughty stuff when they are lounging around on their phones ,must be the devils tools corrupting them ha ha

    If only she could have snapped the event !
  • wozza

    Oh yeah that would have been fun to post!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I'm not really surprised. . . I think I'd take up smoking if I had to stand behind one of those carts all day.

    I would have been more shocked if she went around the corner and rolled her own with a tract.

  • Wayward

    Now that is an excellent suggestion, breakfast! Maybe I'll roll my own the next time a Witness tries to give me a tract. I don't smoke but it would be worth it just to see the looks.

  • fulltimestudent


    The trolley dollies are really funny! I was waiting for a friend a few days ago outside the the council chambers in Ashfield, when two 'brothers' arrived with their trolley. A brief conversation, apparently concluding with one of them setting up the trolley (decorating it with publications) and the other rushing off and returning with two paper cups of coffee. They sat down on the seats provided by the council, drank their coffee and gossiped and sat dumbly looking into space as no one bothered to look at the literature. Then off for some more coffee, and back for some more gossiping.

    My friend arrived then (late as usual) so I saw no more of the "grand witness being given to YHWH."

    My conclusion, trolley dollying is the greatest way to promote gossiping ever invented. Bored minds turn naturally to gossip.

  • jaydee
    breakfast of champions

    I don't know about taking up smoking,

    but definitely drinking......

  • stuckinarut2

    No way??!!!

    That is a big NO-NO....

    Is she 100% positive?

  • wozza

    stuckinarut - yep for sure she has'nt mixed them up with someone else because her son has been taking literature from witnesses in another area for some time and they called around regularly to her house before we got together!

  • wozza

    P.S. the witness lady was in her early fourtees, not a rebellious kid.

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