List Ways To Prove That Elders Do NOT Have Any More Holy Spirit Than Others

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  • Francois

    I just couldn't WAIT to jump on my response to that thread, then I read Elsewhere's response and I knew right away that I'd been outclassed before I even touched the keyboard. My hat's off to you sir, you have done it up with a golden lining, outclassed me and done it with flash and incredible speed, too. I must be getting old.

    My hat is off to St. Elsewhere, the champeen of this thread. I have been humbled.


  • minimus

    Libra, there's nothing to suggest that holy spirit has anything to do with appointments of "older men" or mini servants. And everytime they say something, you're expected to "obey" the elders (because after all, they've got holy spirit)........Aikido, "They're human, and if you want to listen, fine, if you don't then fine.".....Yes, they are human. They don't speak for God. They are not his representatives here on earth. They have no more holy spirit than you or I. They are merely men. Men that clean toilets during the day and are "overseers" at night.

  • Elsewhere

    Thank you! Thank you! All may bow and pay homage...

    (Please make sure you clean your lips with an alcohol wipe before kissing my toes.)

  • minimus

    Elsewhere, You look like an elder in that picture.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Watch them and SEE the Hypocrisy!

    Mr. KIM

  • smurfette

    I would assume that the proof Elders don't have any more holy spirit than anyone else is the fact that they don't have fire flaming over the tops of their heads and they aren't speaking in tounges like the bible says people with holy spirit do. Well maybe they kinda have the speaking in tounges part down.

    I love the idea of dunking Elders! That would be SWEET!


  • gumby
    or are especially giftd with more holy spirit than anyone else.

    Actually I don't think the witnesses make this claim.


  • heathen

    I thought it was that anal look they all have .

  • rocketman

    One reason is the appointment process. It's based mainly on hours spent in field service. One could falsify that, show up at meetings, carry mics and do literature, etc, and show some level of maturity and life experience and be lucky enough to have no major family problems become public knowledge and bingo - can easily be appointed.

  • rocketman

    The hours reported could be real too....either way, it's based mainly on time spent in service.

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